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The Cost of Recovery coming to Nintendo Switch eShop in 2021

by nintendaan
27 August 2020
GN Version 5.0

What would you do if you, your child, or your best friend suddenly went through major trauma? What sacrifices would you be willing to make to keep your family together?

The Cost of Recovery is a third-person narrative adventure game that lets you experience the different perspectives and emotional journeys of four protagonists when one of them suddenly suffers a stroke. We all have our own ways of dealing with difficult situations but rarely have the chance to put ourselves into each other’s perspective.

In the game you take control of Abigail, Noah, Hailey, and Liam to experience their stories through exploration, puzzle-solving, dialogue, and contextual vignette games that are designed to evoke specific emotions.

Third-person adventure gameplay mixed with diverse vignette games.
A mature, personal, and nuanced story that goes deep into internal conflicts.
Experience different perspectives by playing as four different characters.
Short but sweet: the game is designed to last about two play sessions.