Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition players in Australian and New Zealand are unable to play online

Well that's no good...

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition makes it difficult for everyone to play online no matter where they live, but the situation appears to be much worse for those in Australian and New Zealand.

For whatever reason, Australian and New Zealanders are unable to get into online games for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. If they can manage to hop in on a game, it disconnects just a few seconds later. This isn't an issue specific to the Switch, either. It seems to be impacting all versions of the game.

Square-Enix is yet to comment on the matter, but hopefully they can issue a fix soon.


Damn how they rushed the release of this game. Shou.d have been testing the online way more. Woder what excuse they'll have.

They’ll probably blame the cross-play and whatever technical hurdles they ran into with that. Should’ve just focused on getting it to work with the same hardware and added cross play in later.

Oh I'm sure they wont be creative with their excuses. I guess the pandemic is a part of it too.

Fri Aug 28 20 09:57pm
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Isn't online the whole deal of the Multiplayer in this version? I mean this is the reason they should've included the local co-op option of the original.

EDIT: Another thing I want to ask. Was Nintendo involved in any way in this version? Because I remember the original was a collaboration between Nintendo and Square Enix.

Sat Aug 29 20 02:12pm
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I agree. I wanted to play couch co-op in the first place, just like the first time it came out. And if they're going to take away the game's best feature, the thing they're replacing it with BETTER work.

This is easily the most disappointing game of the year so far. Getting rid of local multiplayer was bad enough but they’ve butchered the online completely too. Not being able to play a campaign from beginning to end with friends like the original makes it essentially a single player game where you can invite friends to help you out but they won’t be able to see any progress in the story, both in your game or theirs. For a game originally so focused on multiplayer this is just baffling.

It does look great even in spite of its GameCube roots but that’s about all the good I can say about it. I can only hope for a patch but that would require so much reworking of the way they’ve remade this game that I just can’t see it happening at all.

saw a twitter account the other day that mentioned this specific release's flaws, if there was a mighty no 9 award it sounds like this game would get that for this year.

Played the original a bit with one of my brothers, but never went past year 3.Thought this release could be played with a friend but clearly isnt optimized for that even

The hell happened to Squeenix?

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