SEGA social media team explains why we're still waiting to hear Sonic news originally meant for a SXSW reveal

We'll need a bit more patience


SEGA had originally planned to make some Sonic the Hedgehog announcements back at South X SouthWest, but that ended up getting squashed due to the pandemic, which then further pushed any/all announcements out of the way. Fans have been wondering why nothing has come out since the original announcement delay back in March, and now SEGA has shared an explanation.

According to a portion of SEGA's team, SEGA has worked out a new delivery method for revealing this Sonic content, but they just can't make it work right now due to the pandemic. They seem to really like this plan they have in the works, but making it happen just isn't feasible at the moment. Rather than abandoning this idea, they're working behind the scenes to see what they can tweak or make happen in order to move ahead with this presentation plan. No set time for a reveal just yet, but SEGA is doing the best they can to figure things out.

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

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And with the current state of the pandemic - Sonic will miss his 30th birthday, due to the event not taking place.

If anyone can have a zoom birthday it's Sonic.

something i bet have been the case for half of the worlds population, so far this year

Fri Aug 28 20 09:59pm
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South x Southwest is cancelled due to the pandemic, so they come up with a new delivery method... that doesn't work during the pandemic.


The delivery method they came up with was for SXSW, they didn't come up with it after it was cancelled.


That actually does make more sense.

Sort of, I question how one can come up with a new delivery method (thats good) that takes place during a panel at a convention. But we'll see...

Just announce the new game on Twitter ala what Nintendo has been doing. Its not that hard.

But on the other hand, its also not that hard to just wait, too. They like to have fun with their Sonic announcements and its better publicity, and its most likely not impacting the release date by waiting, so waiting is a reasonable, and quite possibly better, option.

I've seen a bunch of the past SxSW and Summer of Sonic panels and they are always filled with cringe jokes/memes, terrible fan questions, and unneeded filler. I guess they are fun to watch if you're 7 but most people who have stuck with Sonic this long (for better or worse) would probably much rather have the game announced via a tweet/press release then continue to be dragged through the mud. Especially considering how their is not much happening this year on Switch (assuming the next Sonic game is coming to the platform).

People would rather have things at events, as it brings more fanfare. Look at how many people constantly cry with how Nintendo has been announcing their own games, even though its what you say would be better. And regardless of how you feel, the actual Sonic communities find the events enjoyable and endearing. Plus, the inital announcements have been nothing beyond a teaser and this much waiting after, anyway, so things are only marginally different as it is. Its not like we don't know a game is coming at all.

The worst part is that the announcement is that it's for Forces 2. 😭


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