Rumors of Monster Hunter Switch surface once again

Is it really happening?

There have been rumors of a new Monster Hunter game on Switch for awhile now. We've never heard anything concrete from Capcom about these rumors, but the latest rumblings point to the company revealing the game soon.

Yet another industry insider claims that Monster Hunter Switch is going to be revealed in the near future, and the game is running on a modified version of the RE Engine. The general consensus seems to be that the game is going to be revealed in some form come Sept. 2020.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


Monster Hunter Generations over World IMO for mechanics. Generations Ultimate was the perfect MH game and I fear they'll use the World model going forward

Sat Aug 29 20 06:31pm
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I think MH is in a very strange place right now.

It was huge only in Japan for quite a while, where basically every new game added a few tweaks to mechanics and called it a day, then you had the off-year expansions that were basically the same game with added content sold for the same price as a new game.

But this worked because the MH fan base was very dedicated to the series, and the gameplay itself was quite niche.

Capcom finally really broke out with MH: World onto a worldwide hit, by heavily modifying the mechanics and gameplay to appeal to general consumers, forgoing a lot of the niche elements.

It's an amazing success, but I don't think the new larger fan base of general consumers will go for the same business model MH has used that worked for the dedicated fans, a new game every year or so with barely changed gameplay.

Iceborne seems to have done away with the off-year expansion edition and replaced it with DLC instead, which is a step forward, but even then, I think it will take more than that to avoid franchise fatigue that will eventually settle in unless the status quo is shook up a bit more.

Sat Aug 29 20 07:44pm
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World/Iceborne did a lot of good QoL improvements but were far from perfect. The best route would be a combination of new and old for a switch game, because neither style is perfect. If I had to choose, however, i'd pick the older style. World/Iceborne lack basically all of the charm the older games had by going with a realistic art style which in turn made monster designs a little lacking. Also this one might be subjective but the large open areas are awful. I much prefer the older style of having separated zones that act as arenas instead of chasing down a freaking rathalos up and down trees for 15 minutes.

also i pray to god weapon designs in a new game aren't lazy and ugly as hell.

I hope it keeps the movement/weapon movesets of World/Iceborne personally, I love old MH but the movement of World is just so smooth and fun.

Bring back old Potions though, I miss the flex.

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