Koji Igarashi says the Zelda franchise inspired his work on Castlevania and Bloodstained

The man has great taste

Koji Igarashi has quite the legacy of games under his belt, creating some of the best Castlevania games in the franchise, and creating a hit sans Konami with the Bloodstained series. Now in a new interview with Limited Run Games, Igarashi says various Legend of Zelda titles helped inspire him with his creations.

Jeremy Parish sat down with Igarashi for a chat about his game design philosophy, which is where we find out how Igarashi pulled ideas from his Zelda experiences to create some of his many titles. In particular, Igarashi points out that Zelda games showing items in plain sight but out of reach until you gain new abilities really stuck with him, as did the fact that you don't need all heart pieces to complete a Zelda game, but you can hunt them down if you're looking for extra content.


Oh come on! anybody that has played Super Metroid knows EXACTLY where he took its "inspiration"!

Hes been claiming for years now that he was more inspired by Zelda than Metroid, and he's never been shy about telling the truth regarding flaws of the games he has developed and such.

I'm wondering if maybe some of the others on the SotN team were more responsible for the Super Metroid style elements like the map system. The games are still very different in a lot of ways. There's nothing quite like a Metroid as there is nothing quite like an Iga style Castlevania.


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