The Switch eShop now lets you cancel preorders up to 7 days before a game releases

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If you've preordered a game on the Switch eShop up to this point in time, you had to pay right away and that was that. You couldn't get your money back unless it was a very specific circumstance, and you had to call customer service. Now the situation on the eShop is much different.

When you preorder a game via the Switch eShop now, you can now cancel it whenever you want, so long as it's not 7 days or less before the release. The eShop originally charged your credit card/Paypal account instantly when you made a preorder, but now the funds aren't taken out until the 7 day mark. Nice to have some leeway on preorders!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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I would have liked to use this feature for Luigi's Mansion 3... Not that I'd had second thoughts on getting the game but because I'd used a voucher to pre-order it and didn't realize that I couldn't get the double coin bonus that way... For all I know it still would not have been an option considering the circumstances🙄

Same thing happened to me dude. I feel a little cheated but the game turned out pretty good but still It was not clearly stated that I would not get the extra points because I used a voucher.

I guess all that legal shit that happend a while back with refunds led to this.

What will probably happen is less games being available for pre-order and fewer review copies sent out.

I don't see the correlation there.

Tue Sep 01 20 10:51am
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That still doesn't let people pull out if the reviews are bad. Even Gamestop will let you cancel a pre-order up until you actually pick the game up.

I suppose this is something, though. If you pre-ordered by accident or changed your mind far enough in advance, I guess it's an option you'd be glad to have.

With my retailer you don't even have to pick up the game. if you don't pick it up in 5 days it just goes in the stock of that title. Exceptions are colllectors editions because you have to pay an advance for those.

Just don’t preorder a game, especially one that you’re already dubious about, to the point you want to wait for reviews.

Apart from the preorder gimmick bonuses publishers do, what is the point of preordering these days? For most games, is physical stock availability much of an issue nowadays? Worst case you don’t get it day 1 if you order physical online.

I can’t tell you when I last preordered a game. Probably something on N64.


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