A Pokemon hashtag is trending due to some unfortunate letter placement

Pokemon WHAT?!

Pokemon Masters has been updated to Pokemon Masters EX, and Pokemon Co. is looking to spread the word on this update. That includes using social media to get the message out, and it's one hashtag in particular that is catching on in a way that Pokemon Co. definitely doesn't want.

The hashtag #PokemonMastersEX is trending right now, but it doesn't look all that bad when you write it that way. Unfortunately, people have been writing it without capitals, so the hashtag reads #Pokemonmastersex, which obviously reads a little differently. Twitter's users quickly caught onto this and catapulted the hashtag to the trending page, where it's sure to sit for most of the day.

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

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Well... a Skitty that can impregnate a Wailord is practicing #pokemonmastersex

I thought the joke was



I guess both work. I just think that a Skitty that manages to impregnate a Warlord at least deserves a lot of respect. Have you ever seen a small dog trying to breed with a large one? It's that times 50

Is this a good opportunity to bring back those pervert Ash memes?

Friendly reminder that Mr. Mime took up residence with Ash’s Mom.

Tue Sep 01 20 03:49pm
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So this isn't a Pokémon X Interspecies Reviewer series??? I'm disappointed, fam.

But really though, it's crazy how easy it is to sex-ify Pokémon. There's like 890 of them and more than half of them can be turned into a sex joke to help this hashtag trend.

You KNOW there are definitely brothels in the pokemon world...

Run by a Hypno that employs Dittos and Lickitungs. Along with the occasional Gardevoir or Lopunny.

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