Nintendo sees highest stock value in 12 years, practically matching the Wii/DS era

Climbing high!

Want the latest evidence that Nintendo is absolutely killing it? Nintendo stock reached 70.680 today, which marks the highest point since 2008! We're talking about the absolute pinnacle of Nintendo's popularity, back when the Wii and DS were absolutely dominating the market. The absolutely highest value Nintendo has ever seen is 76.870, so it's very possible Nintendo could set an all-time record soon!

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Fri Sep 04 20 05:14pm
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Highest levels of doom in 12 years!!

In retrospect I should have used the money I spent on a Wii U and bought Nintendo stock instead. Nearly all the best games from Wii U are on or coming to Switch anyways.

Yep...confirmed that they are doomed...doomed to fail hard.

Nintendo should just pack it all up and go third party.

Sat Sep 05 20 08:19am
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And get doomed for sure.

With Microsoft putting games on Switch, and Sony putting games on PC they’ve both gone “third party” now technically.

drew ciccotelli
Sat Sep 05 20 03:10pm
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It's funny how they really did Switch things up.


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