RUMOR: Nintendo originally planned to kick off some Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary events in April 2020

Plans got shuffled just a bit

Among the various special events Nintendo announced for the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary was a new Ninji Speedrun for Super Mario Maker 2. The event will be 35th anniversary themed, and is coming to the game sometime in November 2020. That said, it seems Nintendo had plans to run this event much earlier.

People have gone snooping around the official Mario hub site that Nintendo put together, and they stumbled upon an info page for the Ninji Speedrun. The difference is, this page seems to be an old, unused page that Nintendo didn't think the public would find. The page lists the same Ninji Speedrun mentioned above, but it shows a release date of April 14th to 21st, 2020.

There's no doubt Nintendo hand planned to reveal a lot of their Mario 35th anniversary plans earlier in the year, but the pandemic through a monkey wrench into those plans. This defunct announcement page could show just how far Nintendo had to push some plans back.

Thanks to Wipeout Jack for the heads up!

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Sun Sep 06 20 02:50pm
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So..... let me ponder for a second.... could this have mean that we would have gotten a year of Super Mario 35 on NSO instead of 6 months?

Yeah sounds about right. It’s extra strange that they’d stick to the original end-date if the launch date got moved.

Nothing here implies the game would have been out sooner, though. The fact that it wasn't announced as being available immediately and still isn't out lends to the idea to me that the game needed this extra time to release.

It would probably have released sooner. It releasing in October and not immediately, in my opinion, is just Nintendo spacing out the 35th Anniversary celebration releases. We got Super Mario All Stars immediately, in two weeks we get 3D All Stars, and two weeks after that we get Super Mario 35.

If there was no pandemic I’d expect us to have all the above and perhaps only be waiting on 3D World + Bowsers Fury to be coming in Sept/Oct.

Weird that they'd start in April (to me). I could see maybe just before E3, but April seems weird to me.

April 1st is the start of Nintendo’s fiscal year, and runs until March 31st - which is where the March 31 end date for this comes from.

I understand the fiscal year in Japan. Still odd to me that they'd start the Mario celebration at that time.

Tue Sep 08 20 05:00am
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So when are they going to start the F-Zero 30th anniversary events? The first game turns 30 on November 21st.

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