RUMOR - There may not be a second round of stock for Super Mario 3D All-Stars

This one will be rare indeed

Nintendo has already said that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is going to be a limited-time release. Just how limited will it be? Comment from one retailer makes it seem like those interest in buying better make sure they get in on the item at launch.

A customer of Base.com had their pre-order for Super Mario 3D All-Stars cancelled, and it seems that all customers are in the same boat. In an email sent customers, Base has said that Nintendo and their UK distributors are unable to give reassurance that more stock will come after launch. That doesn't mean there's no chance at all for a restock, but it does make the situation iffy.

Again, if you want to lock down a physical copy for this game, make sure you do all you can to get one early on.


sonic guy00
Fri Sep 11 20 03:26pm
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I appreciate having a physical copy of a game, but the more games you have, the more you have to worry about when taking your switch on the go.

Im sure plenty people only play at home, but as someone who drives all over the US, I prefer to download my games. Just makes a little less to keep track of!

I really dislike the thought of something already made physical be so limited though, like they already have the designs and connections to make it physical, why not go bigger? Especially with such a well known franchise!

Idk, just my opinion that no one asked for.

The word limited can seriously be misunderstood here. It will be available for a limited time. But considering it's already the second best selling game of 2020 on Amazon US, I'd say there'll be over 10 million of these flying around.

There will be unlimited stock on eShop until March 31st

I usually prefer physical games, but I don't think I'll agonize over this so I'll just get it digital later, if I ever get it at all. I'm not interested in buying it at launch.

Nintendo: "All right, you know what to do, scalpers."

99% chance that the games go for sale individually on the eShop after the anniversary ends.

This is my first time ever making a pre-order of a game. I never pre-order games before but this case is an exception as I always wanted to play Super Mario Sunshine but I can't because my gamecube died.

Nintendo is notorious for making bad bussiness decisions, remember Sony deal with Nintendo to make a CD add-on on SNES that lead into the creation of PlayStation.

You mean the deal that would have given Sony a ton of power over Nintendo?

yes, that the deal i was refering.

Lucky for them that their "bad business decisions" managed to get them record-high hardware sales for August, huh?


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