Happy 15th anniversary Game Boy Micro!

The greatest little guy ever

Back on this day in 2005, Nintendo released the Game Boy Micro! It was the last hurrah for the GBA, and while it didn't move a ton of units, it's still a neat little device. I still can't believe how small it is! I dug mine out of gaming storage to see how it's holding up, and also to see if it still held a charge!

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I have 3 GB Micro. Best GBA ever. Not only fits in your backpack, also fits in the pocket of your tighest jeans.

For the GBA I had the original model. I always wanted a Micro but never could find one at a decent price Sad

Me too. Micro is something I'm interested in having just out of curiosity. But the original is also something I'd like to get too someday maybe a modded one at that.

I've always wanted one! Hopefully someday I can find one in decent shape (and at a decent price). My favorite Game Boy Advance model I think

Sun Sep 13 20 06:39pm
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Anyone else remember (before the GBA Micro came out) rumors that it was going to double as mp3 player?
If only I could find where I stashed it after my last move... pretty sure Castlevania: Circle of the Moon has been sitting in it for the last 12 years🤔

I think it actally did, I remember something called the Play-Yan Micro, which was a GBA cartridge that allowed SD cards to be inserted in it. was released in Europe and Japan, but not in America.

I still don’t believe my brother sold it at a garage sale for a bargain, without my permission :-(

I had all the 3 GBA variations, and Micro was by a long shot my preferred one.

Mon Sep 14 20 02:25am
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Jeez, I think your brother owes you if you ever need an organ transplant or something.

I've seen a couple of them, but without the charger. That's what stopping me from buying one.

I didn't know it used a different charger. When my mom's dog ate my DS's charger I bought one from the GBA SP. I just assumed since the Micro is in-between it would be the same.

I never had a GBA Micro, but it has to be one of the sleekist and sexiest handheld Nintendo has ever put out.

I worked at GameStop, and someone traded in a Famicom one mint with the box, and since it was like $40 for it, I said screw it and bought it. Never really used it but I don’t regret buying it now seeing prices for it.

Although I will always play my GBA games on my SP or DS Lite, I do love the look of the Game Boy Micro.

I still have my little Famicom edition. Pop my copy of Zero Mission in there and I’m good, baby.

I always wanted one and bought a used one some time ago. Unfortunately some of the buttons don't work that well anymore.


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