Nintendo says they're delighted to see fans grow with them, and are honored to create content that appeals to multiple generations

Nintendo stans fans

Nintendo's Corporate Management Policy Briefing has wrapped, and with it comes a massive report that includes all sorts of comments and insight from Nintendo. The snippet below pertains to Nintendo and their fans.

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'Except or you Metroid fans; leave us alone already.'

They announced Metroid Prime 4..so what more do you want?

Them acknowledging literally any of Metroid's anniversaries would be nice since they ignored the last few milestone ones. Next year it'll be Metroid's 35th as well as Zelda. I can tell you ONE of them will at least be acknowledged. Maybe Nintendo will be nicer this time though...

You could say the same for many of their other IPs...like F-Zero, Star Fox etc etc.

It sure doesnt seem like it


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