Nintendo will continue integrated hardware/software approach in a next-gen system, talks about earning consumer trust and living up to expectations

Nintendo is thinking about a Switch follow-up

Nintendo's Corporate Management Policy Briefing has wrapped, and with it comes a massive report that includes all sorts of comments and insight from Nintendo. The snippet below pertains to Nintendo's plans for the future, which include another traditional games platform, IP expansion, and the ever-important connection to fans.

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Wed Sep 16 20 07:12am
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I can't say I'm suprised, but confirming that the next Nintendo console will be a hybrid again is the best I-knew-that-news of the day!

Tere is nothing about that in the posted news :-(

This only confirms that there will be a next Nintendo console. Which should be obvious to anybody.

I hope its simply a Switch 2, after the switch, not being able to carry your console anywhere feels clunky, switching between living room and bed is by far the best thing that happened to me.

If we're learnt from the previous two gens, Nintendo would probably do something too similar to the Switch just like the 3DS is like the DS and the Wii U like the Wii.

In the realm of maintaining our trust, I hope they've put real effort into improving hardware. We've seen problems with analog joysticks, D-pads, docks scraping screens, bent Switches, etc.... It's very uncharacteristic for a company that usually has terrific hardware.

Focus on quality surely has dropped on the switch, but i guess thats for their amusement park and movies i guess?


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