EA "foresees" more of their games on Switch in the future, contemplating EA Play service for the platform

EA wants to play

EA has been slowly...very slowly bringing new titles to the Switch. They pledged more games than ever before just a few months back, and now it seems EA is more bullish on the platform than ever.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, EA SVP Mike Blank talked about future Switch support. Mr. Blank definitely hints at titles to come, and even mentions the possibility of the EA Play game subscription service coming over. Check out his full statement below.

"There are amazing games on that platform and we foresee bringing more games to the Switch over time, and I think if there are opportunities for us to bring our subscription there and bring an even larger portfolio to the Switch, we will do so. We're always exploring this with our platform partners, whether that be Switch or Steam or Epic or Xbox or Sony. We want to be where the players are. So while I have nothing to announce here, I would anticipate that we'll continue to bring more games and more great experiences to Switch."

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Wed Sep 16 20 09:42am
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Ah yes, EA Play... Who wouldn't pay $5 a month to play FIFA 13 in its 2016 to 2019 versions

I heard that FIFA 2013 2021 is *mwah*, chef's kiss.

EA -- Take action. Words have no meaning without action.

Don't be fooled RMC!!!

“Foresees” means predict or guess.Surely EA you would know if you plan on supporting the Switch rather than speculate?! Which means you’re just full of shovel as always.

So more old, overpriced, inferior versions of games. Pass!


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