Nintendo thinks Switch is in the middle of its life-cycle and wants to expand that, also looking into cutting-edge tech

The Switch has a lot of life left in it

After the rough days of the Wii U, Nintendo is riding high with the Switch. The platform has been a success from day one, and is still killing it 3+ years later. There's no doubt Nintendo sees plenty of life left in the platform, and they want to ensure players keep coming for years to come.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa believes the Switch is in the middle of its life-cycle right now, and Nintendo wants to expand the platform's longevity overall. They think they can do this as Nintendo has just one platform to focus on right now, and they can direct all internal resources there to conjure up unique proposals.

While Nintendo continues to work on Switch, they're also looking towards the future. The company has said that they're watching and working with cutting-edge tech moving forward, but they also want to ensure that whatever they do is intuitive for the users. Nintendo also thinks battery life is an important factor, and will be working on that moving ahead.

What will this new tech be used in? Nintendo didn't mention those details. We do know that Nintendo is deep into looking at their next-gen system, but we also have heard rumors of a 'Switch Pro' being in the works. This little window into Nintendo's future could be tied to either of those avenues.

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That makes sense since sales are still growing. If they play their cards right it can be a viable main system for up to 7 years

Why even 7? A decade makes more sense if you ask me.

The Switch has already been out for over 3 years. In seven years we'll be getting the PS6 and Xbox (random word) X|S. It will be high time for something new. Not that the Switch can't stay on the market, but it wouldn't be the main system anymore

Just saying because Its not that unrealistic. Heck, even the Game Boy lasted more than a decade.

Different times and different scenario. The GameBoy was mostly dead by the time Pokémon came around and brought it back to life. We now live in a time that it's much harder for one single game to do that. Also, Nintendo had a console and a portable, now everything is riding on the Switch, if they fail to move to a different system at the right time it could end very badly for them

Pokemon was the main reason why the Game Boy still had life in it though. And Nintendo games generally perform so well that others simply or almost can't compete with them.

And it's all the more reason why they can take their sweet time making the next console because there is nothing like the Switch that can compete the Switch. PS5 and Xbox X are coming but the fact is that Nintendo has been the king of handheld gaming markets for a very long time and the Switch proves it as its a hybrid that is in demand.

Infact that's the mistake they did with the Wii U. They released it too early after the Wii was doing wonders for them. They could have just waited for the PS4 and Xbox one and just done that extra homework to market the Wii U.

From the looks of all things, it doesn't seem like Nintendo would develop anything new this early so they may as well just make the Switch games as long as possible.

There's a thing called the product life cycle. It kinda looks like a bell curve, usually. New forms of hardware such as the Lite, an eventual Pro can expend that curve, but in time it will come down. Eventually you reach a point where the software will still sell due to a large install base, but hardware sales will naturally decline.

The problem with the Wii U was actually the opposite. The Wii lost a lot of momentum from late 2010 until the release of the Wii U. If anything they should have released the Wii U sooner, hopefully under a different name and without the GamePad to reduce cost. It could have been a Wii HD system, launching with Galaxy 2 and getting Skyward Sword close to launch to guarantee sales. Much better than New Super Mario Bros U.

Yeah, I know how the product life cycle works and that's exactly why it can potentially last over more than 7 years at least three more. Nothing more than that. Nothing lasts forever for sure, but that doesn't mean it can't last longer than the seven years as you say. Because Nintendo still hasn't done enough for the Switch and given how long it takes to develop games and plus the pandemic being the case, Nintendo won't reveal a next-gen console until like they have done enough for the Switch.

The Wii was actually selling fine. It was just fine. Had Nintendo made an addon like the Gamepad to the Wii instead of making a new console with it, it could have sold better.

It can potentially, but it likely won't. A big factor will be the next hardware revision and how it sells. If it does well the Switch might be the main console past 2023/2024. But I doubt it.

As for the Wii, I'm sorry to say, but you got your numbers wrong. Let's look at the yearly sales, in millions of units:

2006 - 3.19
2007 - 16.94
2008 - 24.83
2009 - 22.49
2010 - 17.19
2011 - 10.33
2012 - 4.41

So the Wii started dropping in sales by year 3, which is too soon. It still had an amazing 2009, sure. But in 2010 the decline was clear. And by the time the Wii U came out the sales were abismal. The brand had lost its momentum.
Lastly, making an expensive add-on to a non-HD system would not only be expensive but also split the Wii owners into people who owned the GamePad and people who didn't. Given how few games actually made use of the GamePad when it was mandatory to use it, it would have been an expensive flop if left as an extra, just as the 64DD was.

Ok..we can just agree to disagree. I'm fine if I'm wrong with this but somehow my gut tells me that the Switch is like gonna live longer.

Let's agree to disagree on another matter as well then: a system being "alive" and being the main system are different in my opinion ;)


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