RUMOR - Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered coming to Switch according to Portuguese retailer

EA finally supporting Switch?

A remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy has been floating around the rumor mill for a while, but now the Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay has put full force on the gas.

While it should definitely be taken with a heaping spoonful of salt, the retailer is now taking pre-orders for a Nintendo Switch version of "Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered" with an October 2020 placeholder release date. If the game really is launching that soon, we should definitely be hearing some official news from EA sometime soon.

EDIT: Since the publishing of this article, the retail listings have been removed. Stay tuned for potential updates!

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Wed Sep 16 20 11:18am
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Am I the only one still hoping for the Disney Afternoon Collection?


Wed Sep 16 20 10:02am
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If this happens, I'm happy for those who want it.

That being said. I wouldn't play these games again even if they were free

I’ve been dying to replay these, and on Switch, so it’ll be a day one purchase. Mass Effect 2 in particular is an all time great, despite its story basically being a side quest to the overall Shepard arc lol.

Wed Sep 16 20 10:13am
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Will probably be announced tomorrow during the Nintendo Direct Mini. I mean maybe 3rd times the charm maybe this will be the one with the heavy hitters finally. Hopefully we get:

- Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
- Mass Effect Trilogy
- Doom Eternal
- Need for Speed: Hot Persuit
- Rumored Monster Hunter
- Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time

Apex Legends is also supposed to come out this fall

Hope you're right, Monster Hunter and Mass Effect alone would be great

Wed Sep 16 20 11:18am
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Am I the only one still hoping for the Disney Afternoon Collection?


That would be a great Direct.

Mass Effect Trilogy for Switch would be PERFECT!
Day-1 here if it's true!

I bought this Trilogy for PS3 and only played the first game for a few hours before getting incredibly bored. Does it get better later?

The first game feel more like an RPG while the other two honed more into the shooter elements, allowing it to be faster and more action-like, but without losing the world building that the first one set up.

Then I guess I'd like 2 and 3 even less, lol.

I wanted to give this series a try because a friend loves it but I think it's just not for me.

I played 2 first on PS3 (with the comic at the beginning in place of the first game) and it was one of the best game’s I’d ever played. 3 is also great, though the ending was shoddy. Didn’t make the journey getting their any less enjoyable though.

When they eventually released the first game on PS3 and I had the chance to give it a go, I put it down less than 10 hours into it. None of it felt as good as the sequels and there’s a lot of time wasting with the rover sections etc. that got streamlined in the later games. I’d just catch up on the story of the first game online and then go straight to 2 if you have any interest in the series still!

Hmm, I don't think I'd feel okay just skipping 1. Maybe depending on the price, I could consider it.

I played all three on PS3. And this is my opinion (though unpopular).
Mass Effect 1 is a 20 hour game stretched over 40 hours with a lot of repetition. And the core of the story is nothing new
Mass Effect 2 is much better. The characters are much more engrossing. It wasn't perfect on PS3 because of some technical issues.
Mass Effect 3 is better than 1, but worse than 2. Unless you paid for story DLC and then people say it was almost as good as 2. But the ending is so so so SO SO disappointing that after the credits I was already taking pictures to sell them online.

I'd assume this version comes with the DLC, right? Still, not sure if I can afford to spend so much time and effort on this series.

It should come with all the DLC, but it's EA, so...

Wed Sep 16 20 11:15am
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Depends on how remastered these are on Switch. I’ve been holding out for the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster so if it’s on PC in 4K and better visuals than the originals them I’m going to have to go there.

The Mass Effect Trilogy is one of my favourite series.

RPGs are meant to play for a long time, and for many people (including me), the long play time is available outside home: while in vaction on a hotel room, commute or mother in law's home weekend visits.

I can't imagine in my actual life finishing a RPG on a home console nor desktop PC.

Wed Sep 16 20 02:34pm
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Mass Effect games are very light on RPG. ME1 is the heaviest in RPG of the lot and even then it’s not much. I think they’re closer to action games than RPG. Action game with some light RPG elements.

I don’t enjoy long RPGs that much to be honest.

After a week they're gonna announce a Mass Effect Quadrilogy at half the price for the other consoles XD and then complain the Trilogy didn't sell well on Switch cuz Nintendo gamers only want Nintendo games

Ssshhhh there isn’t any game after Mass Effect 3. Like how there isn’t any Indiana Jones movie after The Last Crusade ;)

Yeah. The Indiana Jones trilogy ended perfectly. ;)

Unprecedented Partnership!

Portable Mass Effect is an insta-buy. Easy "money-in-the-bank" situation for EA if true.

And then shortly after, EA announces a remake of ME1 with 2 and 3 bundled for PS5, PC, and Xbox


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