Final Fantasy VII/VIII Twin Pack looks to be releasing outside of Asia

Can't go wrong with this one

Back in 2019, Square-Enix released a Final Fantasy VII/VIII Twin Pack for the Switch, but it was only available in Asia. Now it looks like the pack is going to get a release in other regions.

European retailers have started to add listings for the Final Fantasy VII/VIII Twin Pack to their websites, and they're listing the game with a Nov. 6th, 2020 release. The price appears to be somewhere around $45. Expect this to be officially announced by Square-Enix in the near future.


I had no idea this was Asia exclusive. I bought mine in Brazil earlier this year

It's really worth it to have this ironic package. Two games that went to PlayStation because Nintendo's cartridges could not handle them, but now are both inside one cartridge on a Nintendo system.

Wed Sep 16 20 07:11pm
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Makes some sense someone was carrying it in Brasil, as this version was originally released because SEA didn't have an eshop to buy games from.

I'm pretty sure I've seen it being sold here in Chile as well, but it's not rare for stores here to import games from other regions, so I can't say for sure that they made a version specifically to sell in Latin America (although it's possible).

Still waiting for a physical Final Fantasy IX release.

That would be awesome Smile
I'm also waiting for them to rerelease Tactics at all

I already got it from Play Asia. Still miffed that FFIX wasn't included.


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