Super Mario 3D All-Stars will have a day-one update

Let's-a update

If you're grabbing Super Mario 3D All-Stars as soon as it launches, get ready for a day-one update to be available as well. We're not quite sure what the update does, as patch notes are yet to be shared. We do know that it bumps the game up to Version 1.0.1.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

UPDATE - While official notes still haven't been shared, we're hearing this update tweaks Super Mario Galaxy's textures to include more button prompt texture overrides, and all fonts have been updated.

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Is it patching in Super Mario Galaxy 2!?

Is it patching in Super Mario Galaxy 2!?

Thu Sep 17 20 01:00am
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16:9 Mario 64.

This sentence exists to meet a nonsense character limit.

Thu Sep 17 20 06:42am
Rating: 2

That character limit is why I rarely post on here. It's stupid.

So, that's why you rarely post.

Thu Sep 17 20 08:19am
Rating: 1

Yes...... oops. My post is too short. So I'm just gonna type this sentence to lengthen my post...... there ya go.


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