Rumors of Nintendo and Netflix teaming for a Legend of Zelda project swirl once more, Tom Holland reportedly being eyed for Link


For years now, there has been a rumor of Netflix and Nintendo ironing out a deal to create some sort of Legend of Zelda feature. Nothing ever seems to come of it, and the rumblings die down over and over again. Today that speculation has picked up speed once more, and now there's a Hollywood name being floated with the project.

Inside sources that have correctly leaked previous Netflix projects are once again saying that the Legend of Zelda project at Netflix is the real deal. Furthermore, the powers that be apparently want to land Tom Holland for the role of Link. Obviously Netflix and Nintendo aren't going to make a peep about this, and the same goes for Holland.

Earlier this week, Nintendo did say that they're working on more 'visual content expansion projects' beyond the Mario movie, but held back specifics. If there is indeed a Zelda feature in the works at Netflix, it would definitely be a part of this new push.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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The source is WeGotThisCovered? LMAO! This is fake news. WeGotThisCovered is notorious clickbait and makes up their own news.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on a Zelda show. Personally I'd love for Link to remain silent. Use the plenty of other cinematic storytelling techniques to portray him and what he's going through. Animated would be great but Netflix seems averse to that; I know live action is more of a money-maker than animation sadly.

Personally I'd love for Link to remain silent.

Yes, I’ve always thought the same way.
Maybe they just make an easygoing, smiley and helpful Link while not talkative.
He would speak as less as possible and the narrative would not make as fell that he is so silent. Just as we see in Zelda games.

While that, I hope we see an young-adult and nerdy oriented show, targeting the same audience of Stranger Things.

The source is WeGotThisCovered? LMAO! This is fake news. WeGotThisCovered is notorious clickbait and makes up their own news.

Exactly. I roll my eyes whenever their clickbait gets spread around. Not at the people sharing cause they don't realize it but the fact their tactics for clicks work

Ew no thanks. Give us an anime, preferably from UfoTable

Getting the costumes to not feel weird in a live action will be really hard.

Tom Holland is a good match for Link.

I'd like a silent Link, as well, and perhaps even episodes with no dialogue- Link out in the wilderness, adventuring and nearly dying 2 to 49 times in the span of a half hour. But I'd also like a twist on the partner and time travel concepts that would likely be a part of a Zelda show. I'd love to see an Old Link who travels back to steer his younger self from making horrid mistakes (like everyone dies or Ganon is let free only to return stronger/unbeatable). Old Link could even be the narrator, maybe even admonishing his younger self for stubbornly keeping his thoughts to himself. Perhaps every time Old Link is successful he disappears in a puff of causality only to return different each time, like injuries or even just how much older he is in each iteration. The "elephant in the room" element of the show could be that the prime Link never has the Ocarina of Time but it's shown that Old Link uses it each time to go back....

Thu Sep 17 20 01:29pm
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Tom Holland?
No thanks!

I'd rather see Beavis & Butthead take on Zelda.

We Got This Covered is a horrible source. I learned they'll tout anything they make up as rumor during the Spiderman fiasco. Even conflicting headlines. Notice how many ways this would appear in search results? I don't find this creditable at all just because of the source

Tho Tom Holland would make a cute Link imo lol

Zelda has a bigger chance being an anime first I think

Yeah I'd rather have an anime tbh. A Kid Icarus anime would also be great.

I mean, an animated show doesn't sound off the table even if this is true. He could be the voice of Link and it could be an animated show like Castlevania (But I assume less violence and tits...)

Thu Sep 17 20 02:33pm
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Tom just needs to play master chief next and that’ll complete all three company’s major IP.

Anywho a Zelda movie or show where Link doesn’t speak, while true to the source, would just be dumb. The worst part of BOTW were the cutscenes where everyone else is talking, and even talking to Link, and he just stands there with a dumb blank expression. It would come across even worse in a full movie or TV show setting.

And since a large chunk of the fandom would lose their shovel if they had Link speak, regardless of the result, it’s best to just never adapt the franchise.

I think the best case scenario for a Zelda show based on Link would be an animated series with a young Link as opposed to adult. If they were to make him talk I’d rather see a younger Link with a fun personality- older Link would be more difficult to get right I think. Ghibli style animation with a healthy mix of fun and dark moments would be perfect.

WeGotThisCovered is nothing but clickbait trash and should never be truster.


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