Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory on Switch includes exclusive "Free-for-All" mode

8-player local multiplayer madness

Those who plan on picking up Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory on Switch are getting a little bonus. The Switch version of the game is getting a mode you won't find on any other platform.

The special mode, dubbed Free-for-All, lets you compete with 7 other players via local wireless in a Field Battle. If you have too many MISS actions while playing, you'll drop out of the running. The player who pulls in the highest score during the challenge is declared the winner.


Wait, is this game coming out on platforms other than switch?

Just looked it up, its coming out on ps4 and xbox one.

I thought for sure this was a switch exclusive.

Doesnt matter, still getting it on switch!

That could be fun, but if I need to find people with an Switch AND an copy of this game, I think only 0,001% of the player is going to see that mode. I miss the Download Play of the 3DS

I hope it has touch screen support, for those wanti to emulate the theatrhythm controls


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