Nintendo once again confirms 'many' Switch titles in development for 2021 and beyond

What could they be?

Nintendo's most recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing included a Q&A session with investors/analysts, and the English translation of that session is now available. In the snippet below, Nintendo's president assures everyone that numerous games are in the works for Switch.

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For the next fiscal year we'll likely get BotW2 and New Pokémon Snap.
Maybe we'll also get a new Mario Golf and Metroid Prime Trilogy (if 4 comes out in the following fiscal year).
Besides that it's all wild speculation, I guess

I reckon some time next year there’ll be a paid expansion for Animal Crossing. Or did they say no paid DLC for AC ever? Money-wise it’d be crazy not to cash in on the AC install base.

A Mario Kart 9 in the summer and BOTW2 for Christmas would be pretty nice. Something for Zeldas 35th anniversary too? Wind Waker, TP and Skyward Sword collection maybe?

I can see them keeping the Animal Crossing updates free. I mean, they didn't release DLC for MK8D and that's a monster.
I don't see MK9 happening, but I could be wrong. If I were them I'd save it for the launch of a brand new system.
For Zelda 35th I can see us getting Skyward Sword HD, BotW2, a Game&Watch with Zelda 1 and 2, and maybe the N64 joining NSO with Ocarina and a little later Majora's

Golden Sun, Wario Land or Warioware, Rhythm Heaven, some ports of 3DS games are realistic speculations if you ask me.

Nintendo have a successful brand again. Maybe boom and bust. I mean they had the Wii, and then the Wii U. That's to say nothing of their history in the handheld market. You never know, these games could well also be on the Switch Pro.

Not expecting it but I would love to see F-Zero make a return!


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