Shigeru Miyamoto discusses how the Mario franchise evolves with each new installment

35 years of Mario

Nintendo's most recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing included a Q&A session with investors/analysts, and the English translation of that session is now available. In the snippet below, Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the evolution of the Mario series.


It’s kinda funny how Nintendo have no problem taking risks and reinventing things for their flagship Mario titles and other franchises just lather rinse repeat each iteration.

Not all franchises are created equal. I'll say after Mario the Kirby franchise has experimented a lot, despite does games don't being big, they're quite experimental with their spinoffs.

Yoshi is the one I would like to see more risks taken. That series pretty much has attempted one-upping the original and just can't.

Every IP besides maybe Donkey Kong Country has been different in each installment. So I don't know where you get that logic that its only Super Mario that gets the reinvention.

But yeah...this just shows that you can never mess with the SUPER MARIO!


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