DOOM Eternal executive producer says the Switch version is "very close," more details coming in the "not too distant future"

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DOOM Eternal released for all other platforms back in March of 2020, yet here we are in September and there's no sign of the Switch version. Is it time to get worried? Not at all, says DOOM Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton. Mr. Stratton says work continues, and the game is quite close to releasing.

“I wish I could give you specifics. I read all the comments, and when we say anything about Doom Eternal, there’s always the one out of every five comments is, ‘Yeah, how about you tell us about the Switch?’ I know people are anxious.

We’re trying to make it the best version of the game it possibly can be, so we’ve been working with Panic Button. They’re also like everybody in work from home. It’s taken a little bit longer to get there, but we want it to be everything it possibly can be. It’s very close, and we’re trying to be very uncompromising with what it needs to be because there’s a high demand for it. We will be talking about it again in the not too distant future. It is close, but I can’t say exactly how close.”


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Doom 2016 is such a great game, and the Switch port maintains most of that.

Doom 2016 is such a great game, and the Switch port maintains most of that.

I disagree, I think the Switch port is heavily downgraded and it's smeared in a layer of grease. I think this game will be even more downgraded by comparison, as it pushes the other platforms even further. I'm hoping it was delayed for a Switch Pro releasing soon, that’s wishful thinking though. Another thing, the game is already on sale on other platforms and they're getting DLC next month, while we'll be expected to pay nearly double the price and I don’t think we'll get any DLC. The Switch version should have all the DLC included if they're charging full price. Not gonna happen though.

Sony should have mandated to use more the gyro sensor for aiming. I didn't like aiming only with the analog sticks on the PS4. It's a preference but I think if the port of Eternal is decent I'll get it for the switch just for more precise shooting. Maybe even the lower framerate will make the Marauder more manageable since it seems to be a point of contention of this game.

It is obviously downgraded. But I have it on my PC as well and the prettier graphics don't keep me from playing the Switch version instead.

Switch Port feels better in my opinion. May not look as great as the old versions but the impact you feel from moving around and slamming enemies with motion feedback makes it my preferred version on Switch.

Agreed, the Switch port is fantastic.

Sat Sep 19 20 11:24am
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Unfortunately the 6+ month delay porting it to Switch, when it was announced as releasing day & date with the other versions, means it will be largely ignored when it finally comes to Switch at full price.

Some, me included, will eventually buy it at a steep discount, but it will be a sales disappointment.

I agree. I had it pre ordered since it was announced. I finally cancelled my preorder when Age of Calamity was announced and preordered AofC. I understand that it may have been out of their hands that caused the delay but at the moment, I don’t feel it’s worth the full price anymore. I’ll personally be waiting for a discount. I have other games to play while I wait.

I agree with some of the above comments, especially about how this will still be $60 despite being half that price on other consoles. Another reason I wouldn't buy it on Switch is because I bought Wolfenstein: Youngblood on Switch and it just looked and felt inferior compared to the other versions.

No 60FPS and not including the DLC after all this time, and I ain't touching it. Might as well not bother porting it at all, imo.

I’ll buy this again on Switch and give it another chance there but I bought it on Xbox at launch and man...it’s just not as good as Doom 2016. Put it down not even half way through.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to love. The visuals are excellent and the music is just as good as the last game. It still feels great to play, the greater focus on platforming is cool and I love the new enemy and world designs but all the RPG-esque customisation and the fact that every enemy requires a tutorial to know how to beat them flies in the face of what made Doom 2016 so good. That game was just no-nonsense and such a breath of fresh air, just keep moving and shooting and you’ll get through it. This one adds depth to that formula but the lack of having to consider strategy in the first one is exactly why I loved it so much. It’s not like they’ve turned it into a tactical RPG or anything but it’s not the mostly mindless fun that 2016 was. For many people that’s probably fine and a logical step for the series but it wasn’t what I was hoping for honestly.


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