Super Mario 3D All-Stars' version of Super Mario Sunshine accidentally includes visible 'debug cubes'

An emulation error

As you might have heard, Super Mario 3D All-Stars packs in 3 classic Mario adventures that you can play on your Switch. These titles have been brought over through emulation, and it seems that Super Mario Sunshine shows off one of the side effects of that emulation.

If you take on the "Secret of the Dirty Lake" challenge in Super Mario Sunshine, you'll eventually come to the area you see in the screen above. You might notice tiny grey cubes floating between the red and blue platforms. Those are 'debug cubes' show the path that the platforms will move on. This is actually an error introduced through a bug in the emulation. Those blocks shouldn't be visible.

Nintendo will most likely update the game to remove this error, but I'm guessing most people don't consider it a big deal to begin with.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


Havemt gotten that far in the game yet, but they look similar to the black orbs that pop up for some platforms in mario 64, and I kinda like the aesthetic!

Probably just me though, haha

Sat Sep 19 20 06:21pm
Rating: 1

I still have two weeks of waiting ahead of me Sad

Interesting, I just assumed they were reminiscent of past games that had similar trackers for their floating platforms.

I saw this and didn't think anything of it.

They look like they belong which is probably how they escaped notice.

Super Mario Sunshine is a great game overall. These FLUDDless levels are the best part of the game, too bad you cannot replay them without FLUDD. Just wish there was a menu to replay those levels. It's clear to me that the development of Super Mario Galaxy started with those levels as blueprint.

Sat Sep 19 20 09:31pm
Rating: 2

You can just not use FLUDD. Actually, there's people who play the game without the hover nozzle just for the challenge of it:

Sun Sep 20 20 01:05am
Rating: 1

If you beat them once, you can actually beat them again with FLUDD.

Yes, but they are not much of a challenge with FLUDD.

Great work celebrating MArio's 35th anniversary, Nintendo! Smile

Sun Sep 20 20 06:14am
Rating: 1

Just another way in which this "port" was rushed.

Sun Sep 20 20 06:21am
Rating: 2

Damn, in comparison to Super Mario All Stars, this collection is embarrassing.

I’m not savvy at all on this “emulation world”... If the games are purely emulated, does that mean that can, if they want, just replace the “Sunshine ROM” for another GC game it will be immediately playable?

More or less, yeah. Some modders are already doing that, and I think I read they got Wind Waker and Luigi's Mansion to run.


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