RUMOR: Smash Bros. Ultimate's next character may be revealed very soon

Is a reveal coming?

Looks like we might be hearing about the next Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character in the near future. Advertisements for the current Fighter Pass characters are up at retailers, but those advertisements are set to be removed from stores on Oct. 4th, 2020. The last time we saw a situation with ads like this, the next DLC character was revealed just a few days before. We'll find out if the speculation is right in just a couple of weeks!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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Sun Sep 20 20 06:58pm
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Yeah, that's like, your opinion man. I got the cost of my first dlc pass with Joker and Hero ♡

I've read that the next character is Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. I hope not, but it would fit in with how disappointing they have been overall. Banjo and Kazooie are the only ones so far that deserve their appearance.

Sun Sep 20 20 06:58pm
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Yeah, that's like, your opinion man. I got the cost of my first dlc pass with Joker and Hero ♡

Exactly, it's my opinion. I could go through it all, but, you mean Joker, who hasn't featured on a Nintendo system, bar a couple of spin-offs? The same goes for Hero. When have these companies stuck by Nintendo through thick and thin? They haven't! They want to cash in for minimal effort. Konami are the worst offenders of them all. Ubisoft, deserve some recognition, but they're not Japanese, or have friends of Sakurai.

Sun Sep 20 20 07:49pm
Rating: 3

By that logic, Koei Tecmo absolutely deserves some representation with Ryu Hayabusa.

Sun Sep 20 20 08:08pm
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There are opinions, and there are wrong statements which you are just making here.

Hero not being featured in a Nintendo system bar spinoffs ("the same goes for Hero")?

All eleven core Dragon Quest have appeared in Nintendo systems, starting with the first game for the Famicom and NES, since the game was nota Japanese exclusive.
Eight of the eleven Dragon Quest games debuted on a Nintendo system, the other three debuted in Playstation (VII, VIII and XI) but were later ported to Nintendo platforms.
Ten of the eleven core games are playable on the West in either the 3DS (IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX) or the Switch (I, II, III, XI), both easily available platforms as of now. Hell, this is far more you can say of most First party franchises with representation in Smash and the accessibility of their games.

Sun Sep 20 20 09:34pm
Rating: 1

Their series started with Nintendo. Some of them played them on the original hardware. And continue to do so any chsnce we get. Your opinion is yours but your point is invalid.

Sun Sep 20 20 08:10pm
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Best part withJoker, in MY opinion, is the stage and that amazing music. My fav DLC character is TErry with ese, and I am oh so happy that Bayonetta was there day 1! /talking about non-Ninty characters now)I should go smashing a bit again. Been some time now! =)

Sun Sep 20 20 07:02pm
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What a bad opinion to not think Terry, anything g Dragon Quest, and actual Nintendo characters don't "deserve" to be in the game.

Two Ryu’s? I don’t know about that...

Sun Sep 20 20 07:05pm
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Its not very surprising when you look at the time it takes between characters in the first pass compared to approx. end date (Dec. 2021). A character coming out mid October is really the latest it can be unless they release the next few characters closer together than normal.

I'm kinda surprised it's still happening with COVID and whatnot but it's a nice surprise. if It really is Ryu like rumored i'll be ESTATIC... If it has his NES/Arcade tunes/look. I don't care for his modern OSTs much even though his design is cool.

People have been saying Ryu since character 4 last pass, so i doubt they will suddenly be right this time. That just seems like the default go to guess.

Sun Sep 20 20 08:22pm
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Sakurai and co have, as I have said before, put in so much time, talent, lore and passion with each DLC character and not even the gods of Valhalla know how much paper work has been done to achieve all this copyright madness that I am just excited to see what magic they can do, whoever the next fighter will be. BRING IT!

My money is on that the next character will be someone from Xenoblade 2.
I remember reading that characters from ARMS and Xenoblade 2 couldn't make it into the base game as the roster was decided on early 2017, but now we have an ARMS character as DLC, so...

Of course I can be wrong, though.

My heart goes to 2B or Shantae. Xenoblade is a good guess. Maybe we'll get thrown a curve ball and it is another Mario character given the 35th anniversary, considering that presentation was likely their E3 showcase, I have a strong guess something Mario is going to be the next inclusion. Maybe Paper Mario, or King Boo, or Waluigi!?

Wario throwing a Waluigi assist trophy and Walugi breaking free and becoming a stand-alone fighter would be a cool way to reveal him.
Probably won’t happen though.

A generic boo or King Boo would be cool. Or a paratrooper, but there’s not really any paratrooper character like King Boo is there?

I’d love to see Urbosa be a fighter too but also unlikely.

It'll be just another third party character with a niche fandom. They're going to keep adding them until half the roster is third party.... sigh.

Mon Sep 21 20 10:39am
(Updated 1 time)

I'll be legit pissed if there's a single third party shill in the rest of this pack. There is more than enough of those already.


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