Monster Hunter Rise amiibo exclusive to GameStop in the U.S., EB Games in Canada, and the My Nintendo Store in Europe

Where to go for amiibo

Planning on picking up the Monster Hunter Rise amiibo? Depending on where you live, you'll have to go through some different retailers.

Over in Europe, the only place you'll be able to find the amiibo is the My Nintendo Store. As for those in the states, GameStop has the exclusive deal on the set. Finally, our friends in Canada will have to go through EB Games.

As for pricing, the Palamute and Palico amiibo will be $19.99, while the Magnamalo amiibo will be $24.99.

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!


And here I was, already complaining when new Nintendo ones were raised to $15.99. At least the $25 for Magnamalo makes the CE seem reasonably priced for what you get though.

I'm sorry, but Magnamalo is one of the worst names you can give a Big Bad... At least the art design is good as always.

I was pretty sure this was confirmed already as of the initial stream, but my question is, when are we going to be able to put in preorders? I mean, I have the CE of the game preordered, so I have my Magnamalo preordered already, but I'm gonna need my Palamute and Palico preorders soon so I don't lose my mind refreshing over there.

And just to be clear, I'm not fond of Gamestop at all, and I hope that the Amiibo preorders will be available online, because I have sincere doubts that my local Gamestop will even be around in March of next year. They've already cut the store hours so drastically, and have only one person running the store the whole day, so I'm pretty sure it's on the list of the 300 that are going down before the end of the year.

Mon Sep 21 20 12:36am
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The stream said individual figures exclusive to Gamestop, so the wording was vague as to whether there would be double/triple packs elsewhere. And the stores have 3 new placeholder amiibo SKUs reservable as of 9/18, so its strange that it hasn't switched over to the real item. You could ask them to reserve those placeholders for you if you go into store, but it really depends on who you talk to if they want to do that.

They apparently changed the placeholders over either on Sunday or late Saturday. Either way, I went into the store and placed preorders. I did ask the employees there (surprisingly, there were two today) about the likelihood that the location would remain there through March, and they said it was one of the highest grossing in the region, so it should be fine. We'll see.

So I should be all good on mine, I just really want to make sure I have my Amiibo locked in, I'm super excited for this new MH, and for the new Amiibo, so glad I can at least stop refreshing the page on the Gamestop site for now.

I worked at corporate GameStop for about a year, and they have some extremely remote stores that are basically dead weight, so as long as you live in a fairly popular area, your store is probably good. When i lived in the Twin Cities in MN, they had stores so close to each other and super unnecessary when just glancing at a map, but since the area is so densely populated, they've never closed a store (barring one old EB games that transitioned to a GameStop literally a block away from another).

I hope these things are officially released in Chile for a decent price and aren't that hard to find because I realy need them!

I read about this last week.

Mon Sep 21 20 05:58am
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Big middle finger to most of Europe right here. The My Nintendo store is exclusive to UK and they don't ship anywhere else.

Are you sure ? I can buy stuff just fine on mynintendostore.fr.

Tue Sep 22 20 05:01pm
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Last time I checked was a while ago, I wasn't aware France had one. Not every country in Europe has a MyNintendo store, and France didn't have one when UK got theirs.

It's possible the French one only ships to France too though, so the problem remains the same.


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