Going over some of the costumes in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Dressed for the occasion

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is coming out next month, and it's going to give players a whole new way to experience Mario Kart. That includes how players can customize drivers, as it appears multiple costumes will be included. Here are some of the costumes that have been spotted so far.

As for Mario, in the footage and screens released so far, we've seen everyone's favorite plumber decked out in a pirate costume, complete with a fancy jacket, pirate hat, and eye patch.

When it comes to Luigi, he's been spotted in two different costumes. First up is a safari-style costume that's similar to what we saw Mario wear in Super Mario Odyssey. Along with that, Luigi can also be seen wearing a cowboy hat and neckerchief, which is definitely related to a Wild West theme.

There's sure to be even more customization options for both Mario and Luigi, and we probably won't hear about some of them until after the game launches.


I really hope the fact that Tour and Home Circuit have them means that the next main Mario Kart game will have a ton of costumes to unlock Smile

I mean, if you want people to keep playing you can have costumes tied to online events. They are cosmetic, but will get people to pay for online. And as long as there are also costumes tied to in-game achievements, everyone should be satisfied with the results.

This is not a game for me but I look forward to watching some YouTubers try to set up custom tracks in their local parks or something.


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