Smartphone-controlled skateboarding game "Skapp" launching for Switch in 2021, Kickstarter campaign begins later this fall

Your phone is your skateboard

Valencia, Spain –September 22, 2020– Independent development studio Bound Games is releasing a Kickstarter campaign in Fall 2020 to fund their new skateboarding simulator Skapp for Playstation 4, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Skapp is played using the gyroscope and the accelerometer of your smartphone by doing the same movements performed with a real skateboard as we watch it in real time on screen.
“Skapp’s team is mission-driven to create an innovative skateboarding experience”, says Víctor Sánchez, CEO at Bound Games. “We want to breath new life into our beloved gaming genre”.

The developer’s Kickstarter campaign will help them to get more funds to finish Skapp and cover the costs related to the production and development without compromising the art and quality of the title.

- First simulator that uses your smartphone as a skateboard.
- Use your controllers sensors to play Skapp if you prefer.
- Discover a story mode in which hands rebel against humanity.
- Skate through different levels adapted for all kinds of players.
- Test your skills by combining tricks, manuals and grinds.
- Complete missions in different difficulty levels.
- There are no limits to recreate any kinds of movement.
- Free skateboarding mode included, as with all skateboarding games
- Authentic skateboarding brands and culture.

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This is a really fascinating tech demo, but they can't possibly think anyone would want to play this way, right? It looks absolutely dreadful to actually play. There have been brilliant indie skateboarding games for a while, now, and Activision finally seems to understand what people want with Tony Hawk even if all we got was a remake, so I just don't see where this tech demo novelty would even exist.


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