Nippon Ichi president says Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny development is 90% complete, shares a handful of other details

We won't have to wait long for this one

This week's issue of Famitsu contains an interview with Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa, and he was more than happy to reveal some new details on the game. Check out a recap of the interview below.

- uses 3D character models for the first time in the series
- uses 2D character art during the dialogue scenes
- level cap is 99,999,999
- you’ll get to hit opponents with over ten quadrillion damage
- each time the main character Zed loses against the God of Destruction, he reincarnates in an otherworld
- while he goes back to level 1, Zed carries over more power bits at a time with each Super Reincarnation
- NIS decided on Disgaea 6‘s production in 2018, but the actual work started in the second half of 2019
- the team simply didn't know enough about the PS5 at the time to choose that as a platform, so they went with Switch/PS4
- whether you play for a short or prolonged period, the devs want players to feel a sense of accomplishment and exhilaratio
- it will be a lot easier to level up
- this time, you’ll start at Lv. 9999
- the developers made the extra challenges and such something that fits today’s age
- functions such as double speed mode, auto-battle, auto-play were added
- the Battle Speed Boost feature from the smartphone version was very well-received
- your party dies each time it challenges the God of Destruction but becomes more powerful with each reincarnation
- there are other familiar elements from past installments and other new features
- development is currently at 90% complete


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