Suda51 offers up a "big no comment" when asked about the potential for Travis Touchdown to join Smash Bros. Ultimate

Travis touches down?

There are still a handful of characters to be revealed for Smash Bros. Ultimate, thanks to the second Fighter's Pass. Who could be joining the roster? Your guess is as good as ours, but Suda51 sure had an interesting answer when he was asked about the topic.

In an interview with Switch Player magazine, Suda51 is asked about the potential for No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown joining Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the next Fighter's Pass. Suda51 has expressed interest in that happening in the past multiple times, but his answer this time around was much different.

That's gonna be a big 'no comment' from me!

It seems so odd for Suda51 to openly embrace the idea of Travis in Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future, and now he's not even willing to talk about the idea. The change in answer certainly has people wondering if Travis really could be making his way to Smash. That said, Suda51 does love to give off-the-wall answers to questions while also toying with fans. Again, we have no clue if Travis is coming, but hopefully we find out soon!


I don’t think Travis should get a spot. As an assist trophy? Fine. Otherwise, no. Ubisoft must be thinking to themselves, what do we have to do to earn a place? They stuck by Nintendo through hard times, have made exclusives for numerous Nintendo consoles. Meanwhile, companies like Konami have done nothing substantial for yonks, and get a slot. The same goes for other Japanese companies, who deserve nothing, yet have representation in Smash. And that's the operative word. Ubisoft's problem is they're not Japanese and in the clique. #Justice for Rayman.

Wed Sep 23 20 05:36pm
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Ubisoft has two votes against it:
1) They abandoned Nintendo when the Wii U was struggling. Instead of sending out Rayman Legends when it was originally scheduled that might have been a saving grace for Nintendo and the Wii U, Ubi delayed it and put it against Grand Theft Auto V. The Rayman franchise died then and there, the Wii U became far beyond saving, and we lost Satoru Iwata because the Wii U failed.

2) Ubi are currently are embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal and have been called out for political incorrectness. Nintendo doesn't want to be dragged into problems other 3rd parties are having.

Plus technically Ubisoft published the original No More Heros in the US at least.

Ubisoft stuck by Nintendo when others disappeared in the past. It's a very, very deep conversation. I don't know if it's worth getting into, particularly here. I've got a long memory, albeit, Nintendo don't seem to care, as long as they're making money. And they're a business, so they'll react far differently than me.

I know Ubisoft are embroiled in other controversies, I've briefly mentioned them here before. Yes, Rayman Legends was handled badly, still though, Ubisoft, treated the Wii U better than the nearly every other major developer.


Outside of two exclusive Nintendo collabs, Ubisoft has had limited support on Switch. They only push Just Dance and they wonder why they aren't getting more Nintendo sales. Yes, Nintendo doesn't have similar hardware to other hardware makers, but there's a saying: You can't have a market when you refuse to build one.

Wed Sep 23 20 05:40pm
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Being in Smash doesn't validate a franchise, Sakurai isn't some god casting divine judgment on the entire industry.

On the other hand, I would hope that Nintendo intends to really support the launch of No More Heroes 3.

Yeah he'd be a cool assist trophy. Doesn't fit my definition of being worthy enough for a fighter spot. Pretty B grade indie series.

Yes. Travis is so perfect for Smash.

If this is happening I would love for some Snake codec style chat between Travis and Sylvia with Sylvia explaining who each character (“assassin”) is on the NMH stage. Make it happen!

I've been predicting Travis as a character for awhile. I thought he was gonna be FP5 before we got Byleth. Everything seems to be lining up in his favor:

- No More Heroes 3 and Travis Strikes Again being Switch exclusive that im sure Nintendo would want to promote as I believe they have some hand in the games development.
- No More Heroes being a prominently Nintendo 3rd party franchise
- Suda and Sakurai being good long time buddies.
- A 3rd party character that probably wont "break the bank" in including.

I wouldn't be shocked if Travis is the next DLC character tbh.

Plus Nintendo published TSA in Europe and let them use Zelda art for shirts in game. They’ve definitely got a good relationship with Suda/Grasshopper!


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