Untitled Goose Game on sale for $15 to celebrate the game's multiplayer update

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Untitled Goose Game got a free update today that allows a local buddy to join in with you for some co-op honking action. Along with that update, House House has temporarily dropped the price of the game. Normally priced at $20, you can now grab Untitled Goose Game for $15.


As much as I want to play it now, I'll wait a few months when I give GamePass Ultimate a try and play it then Smile

Wed Sep 23 20 07:41pm
Rating: 1

That is how I played it as well. Dont get me wrong, I had a great time with it, but even $15 is too steep for me for something I did almost everything in in under 2 hours.

I didn't realize it was that short. I'd get more milage because my wife and son also want to play. But even so it's still a steep price. I'm glad I know that now Smile

Wed Sep 23 20 10:19pm
Rating: 1

It definitely could take a lot longer depending on how long it takes to work out a puzzle, but yeah there are only 4 or 5 (cant quite remember) small areas you do stuff in. It is definitely worth playing either way though, I think.

Thanks, mate Smile
I'll keep that in mind

I just got it. Now I just wish I had a player 2...


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