Kirby Fighters 2 delivers combat and cuteness on Switch today, priced at $20

A surprise launch!

Are you ready for relentlessly adorable, action-packed fights with the world’s most powerful pink puffball? Accept the challenge and ascend the treacherous battle tower in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, now available in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch system. It can also be purchased on Nintendo.com.

In Kirby Fighters 2, Kirby delivers a madcap gauntlet of attacks to each battle, with a selection of 17 of the most iconic copy abilities from throughout the Kirby series, like Sword and Cutter. Kirby Fighters 2 also marks the debut of Kirby’s new Wrestler ability. Don’t let Kirby’s cuteness throw you off guard. This athlete’s ornate mask hides the face of a determined fighter.

Kirby joins familiar friends and foes, such as Bandana Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Gooey and Magolor, to duke it out in a series of blistering battles. Each of the playable abilities and characters has their own play style and set of moves, so you’ll want to experiment with them all to discover and master your favorite. Between Kirby and his foes there are a total of 22 different fighting styles to try out, with expressive move sets that let you bring your own flair to battle.

In the game’s Story Mode, King Dedede and Meta Knight challenge you to a buddy duel. You’ll be able to enlist the help of a friend or the CPU as you climb your way to the final battle. Strategically choose items between each floor of an ascending tower to boost your stats and send those foes packing! Each time you ascend the tower, different foes await you.

For more multiplayer fun, up to four players can battle on the same system locally*, on multiple Nintendo Switch systems over local wireless**, or with online play.*** With free-for-alls and team battles you’ll be able to customize rules like items, stage hazards and even the ability to come back as a ghost in team battles. There’s never a dull moment, even if you get knocked out!

When it’s Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby, will the pink pugilist still emerge victorious? Your skill and determination will help decide who reigns triumphant as the hero.


It looks really fun, but I'll wait until it's at least 50% off.

But one thing I liked were the alternate costumes for the abilities. Nintendo started with BotW and Odyssey, then Mario Kart Tour and new Home Mario Kart (can't remember the exact name), and now this. I hope this trend continues Smile

Dude...come on. 20$ for this seems fair enough.

For that same price I could get much more interesting indie games from my Wishlist or even games such as Jedi Fallen Order or Shadow of the Tomb Raider Complete Edition on PS4. So it's price puts it waaaay down on my priority list.
If someone were kind enough to provide me with a download code, however, I'd certainly play it ;P

That's because indie games tend to have more frequent discounts than Nintendo's. Also, name me some indie games that have a higher content than this one, please.

* Stardew Valley has more content and is highly regarded
* Celeste is not short and highly replayable
* A Short Hike is short but sweet (and less than half the price)
* Raji is a mix of Prince of Persia and Indian culture
* Hades costs a bit more but it's much MUCH longer, has a great story, amazing gameplay and comes from a great indie studio
* Golf Story is a lot of fun and has a nice mix of gameplay elements
* Katana Zero has awesome gameplay, high replayability and will be getting free DLC
* Hollow Knight is considered to be one the best metroidvanias ever
* Wargroove is a spiritual successor to Advance Wars, fun gameplay, endless things to do, plenty of modes
* Snake Pass is a unique platformer that is super challenging and I found to be a lot of fun

That's what I could come up out of the top of my head, but I'm sure there's plenty more Smile

Most of those are priced at 20$...so what?

20$ for what the game offers is still fair. But if you still want a discount, sure..whatever. I mean the game's price has meaning to it.

I'm not saying it's not worth it, but considering the amount of Kirby games we get and how there are plenty of Indies that offer more quality and variety at the same price range, they will always be first on my list.

THEY couldn't go a year without a Kirby game. Madness!

Its a bummer the rest of the characters from Star Allies aren't in the game. Daroach is my favorite...

Since they added Magolor I suspect there'll be free updates maybe obtained like in Mario Tennis.

So this and Boxboy are the only Eshop exclusives Nintendo has to offer...plus that Strechers.

So Nintendo...when will you give us Pushmo and Fluidity?

Thu Sep 24 20 02:56am
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Isn't Good Job! a Nintendo game too? ...or at least Nintendo published it and it's an exclusive anyways...

My point is..unlike previous gen, we're getting less of eshop exclusives from Nintendo and that's bad because they did so well with the 3DS atleast what with Pushmo, Mario Vs Donkey Kong etc.

I'm still waiting for SNES Remix...

-Super Kirby Clash
-Kirby Fighters 2
-SnipperClips (there's a physical version, but I'm not sure if you can still find it in stores)
-The Stretchers
-Good Job
-Flip Wars (not really Nintendo exclusive as much as published by Nintendo in the west)
-Cadence of Hyrule (apparently it's Nintendo published in NA, and a physical version is coming)

But yeah, compared to past systems, we're not getting a lot of eShop Nintendo exclusives.

Smash Bros: Kirby edition!

Looks entertaining, but I'll pass on this one too much backlog already.


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