The story continues today in Cadence of Hyrule's third DLC pack, Symphony of the Mask (Version 1.4.0 patch notes)

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It’s time for a new story to unfold. The third Cadence of Hyrule DLC, Symphony of the Mask is available now on the Nintendo eShop!


- New character: Skull Kid
- New game mode: Skull Kid story mode
- New game mode: Puzzle Mode
- New game mode: Arena Mode
- 5 new music tracks
- 2 new dungeons
- New towns and overworld areas
- New tilesets, enemies, items, traps, and more!
- Added a projectile effect to Link’s Spin Attack when at full health
- Changed Zora enemies to breathe ice instead of fire
- Changed the Tingle Tuner to always play a sound regardless of the console’s rumble settings


- Fixed an issue where helper characters could be stuck with no weapon in the fight against Ganon
- Fixed some cases where multi-tile enemy attacks could hit the player unfairly on stairs
- Fixed the timing of some multi-beat abilities (like the hookshot) in 2P fixed-beat mode
- Fixed some bugs related to having the shopkeeper re-appear in dungeon mode after having been defeated
- Fixed some exploits where Impa could escape the map using her vanish ability
- Fixed some localization issues
- Many other bug fixes and balance changes


Dawn of a new day! Looking forward to checking this out at some stage, really enjoyed the base game!


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