Ninjala's Sonic the Hedgehog collab content is a bit pricey

You want HOW much?!

As we shared earlier today, the Sonic the Hedgehog collaborative content for Ninjala is available today. You can deck out your character in a number of different costumes, as long as you're willing to cough up some real-world cash. Unfortunately, it seems these items are rather pricey.

Each costume in the game is priced at 2,000 Jala each, and you can buy 1,000 Jala for $10. That means you'll have to pay $20 for a single costume! If you plan on buying all three costumes, you'll end up spending $60. For the price of a brand-new Switch game, you can get three cosmetic-only costumes. Seems a bit overpriced, right?!


That is pretty pricey but I'm thinking they are trying to cover the cost of the license deal.

If it really is the reason why then they were better off not doing it, or at least having the collab bring more to the table than just cosmetics to help validate the price.

LOL WOW!! Sega why?!

It ain't Sega's game. I'd wager the prices were set by the company who made the game.

It may not be SEGA's game, but the terms of the licensing deal are by them. If GungHo wanted a collab with SEGA, they have to abide by SEGA's licensing terms. The terms are what dictates the pricing. If SEGA requires a hefty licensing fee, GungHo would have no choice but to have the collab items be pricey as a result.

Isn’t a collab kind of an advertisement also? I think this is bad advertising for Sega and of course for GungHo. It’s so stupid to charge this much. I wonder how many will be inclined to buy at this price? 1000 people? That’s 20000 $ But charge 5$ instead and get 20000 to buy instead and you get 100000 $. Isn’t the point of micro transactions to be micro in size? This is a micro download at a macro prize. Incredibly stupid.

Ah here, that’s a cod/con. $20 for a costume?! You'd have to be very foolish to buy these.


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