Prison Architect: Switch Edition updated to Version 1.0.6

Jailbreaking out today

Prison Architect: Switch Edition has been updated to Version 1.0.6. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

New Features:

Island Generator: You can now drag a rectangle over the open water and an island will be generated.

Expanded Map start option: on new games, you can now choose the “Land expansion” option to start with an already expanded map, with adjacent land or sea purchased.

Expanding an Island map: When expanding an Island map, a pop-up will give the choice to have only water or generated Islands.

Improvements and Fixes:

Checkpoints will no longer cause issues with prisoner pathing.
Improvements – Searchpoint now ignore entities leaving the map
A set of quick islands and land stamps have been added.
The food supply system and food delivery have been improved.
Improved the Helicopter notifications, so it no longer causes performance drops.
Improved the guards’ AI when they are idle.
Solved the issue that caused Firefighter’s truck riding on the water after dismissing a helicopter on Island map.
Fixed an issue where sinks close to the walls could be used as a door.
When assigning a yard, a warning will no longer appear saying that it needs to be enclosed.
Docks can now be attached to a road on connected islands.
Fixed an issue that prevented boat docks to be placed when a bridge would cause a path collision
Players can now build bridges above helipads.
Fixed an issue with bridges that still were functional after dumping/destroying a part of the bridge.
Fixed an issue with checkpoints that caused prisoners to stop working.
Fixed an issue with checkpoints where every search counted as an unnecessary search, which could cause an increase in prisoner’s temperature.
Characters will no longer have mismatched hands.
Elite Ops Team is not included in Danger Level factors.
Fixed an issue where Capacitor and Power Switch would not conducting electricity when rotating them.
Solved the issue where warden can go beyond the map in Warden mode.
Fixed an issue with supplies deliveries that was causing items to keep getting delivered every hour.
Fixed an issue with visitation booths not being used by visitors or prisoners.
Prisoners will no longer be able to walk through the visitation booth.
Fixed an issue that prevented the danger level to go higher than medium, and that stopped riots from starting.
Fixed an issue that prevented the laundry machine from working correctly.
Fixed various issues causing game crashes.

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