Hamster reveals four more upcoming Arcade Archives titles (64th Street: A Detective Story, Cosmo Police Galivan, Swimmer, & Thunder Dragon)

More retro classics coming to Switch!

Earlier today, Hamster announced a Switch release of the 1985 Konami classic Green Beret, but four other Arcade Archives titles have also been revealed at TGS 2020. Not only that, but another 13 more are planned for this weekend, so stay-tuned for even more. Check out today's round-up below!

Arcade Archives: 64th Street: A Detective Story
Original release: 1991
Developer: Jaleco
Genre: Beat 'em up

Arcade Archives: Cosmo Police Galivan
Original release: 1985
Developer: Nichibutsu
Genre: Side-scrolling action

Arcade Archives: Swimmer
Original release: 1982
Developer: Tecmo
Genre: Vertical-scrolling swimming/platforming

Arcade Archives: Thunder Dragon
Original release: 1991
Developer: NMK
Genre: Vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up


Please release the Undercover Cops arcade game on Switch. The good version of it. Thank you.

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