Switch game publisher behind Not Tonight and Yes, Your Grace details how deep discounts and Metacritic scores can boost sales

Gaming the system

Mike Rose is part of No More Robots, a publisher who has brought a number of titles over to the Switch. Most of those games ended up finding success, but it took a bit of hard work on No More Robots' part. There's a lot more to it than plopping a game down on the eShop and doing advertising.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Rose goes into great detail about how No More Robots "gamed the system" in order to get their games noticed and push sales. Rose learned a lot of things along the way, including insight into why big discounts can really matter, how Metacritic scores can make a difference, and much more.

There's way too much to break down in a single feature, but it's all endlessly interesting. If you want to see what No More Robots did to change their decent-selling games into big movers, you can read the entire Twitter thread here.

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This was a fascinating read. Showing the difference between units and revenue is informative. Also, I would like to have seen more info on manipulating Metacritic scores. Does that mean the company could just delete/drop reviews?
Also, I wonder how many people are like me and are not wanting to spend $20 to $25 for a download-only indie game from a new studio. it is funny because that used to be my price-point for physical games that i would not hesitate to pick up. But now since there so many options (and often less expensive ones), there is higher price elasticity .

Finally, it would be interesting to know how well more well-known (established) publishers have done with higher-priced games.

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