Deathsmiles I & II heading to Switch

Double the reason to smile

Publisher City Connection and developer Cave Interactive have announced that Deathsmiles I & II are set to lauch for Switch, and they're heading to Japan in 2021. The collections will include the following titles.


- Arcade
- Version 1.1
- Normal

Deathsmiles Mega Black Label

- Arcade
- Version 1.1
- Normal

Deathsmiles II

- Arcade

Deathsmiles IIX

- Arrange

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Oh my god, this is significantly bstter than what I assumed we'd get from the leak. I am very excited~

Video was taken down by uploader.

I love shmups but I never actually tried Deathsmiles. What is it that makes them have such a good reputation exactly? Also are 1 and 2 equally good? Thanks to anyone that'll take time to answer.

Sat Sep 26 20 11:47pm
Rating: 1

I dont know what the general consensus is, but I've always enjoyed the first because the stages feel a lot more dynamic and really zany compared to other shumps ive played which I love. CAVE shmups are always extremely solid, as well.

As an aside, I'm hoping we get DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou or Akai Katana next too

Thanks. Indeed I watched a couple trailers and the first game seems infinitely better at least when it comes to the presentation.
I love DoDonPachi and I'd love to see it on the Switch. The shmup ports have been hit or miss, as they are on all consoles. Some of them are really good but it's better to check out reviews bfore buying one gigantic shmup collection where 1 game out of 2 is a rush port.


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