Capcom gives an expanded look at Monster Hunter Rise, new details on side areas, buffs, and more shared

Looking better with each video

For their TGS 2020 Online stream, Capcom has shared a ton of Monster Hunter Rise footage. You can check out the footage in the video above by using the following timestamps: 1:34:46 to 1:56:11 and 2:28:27 to 2:49:13.

The gameplay footage also revealed some new tidbits that Capcom hasn't shown anywhere else. Here's the most important bits, courtesy of Gaijinhunter.

- there are side areas large monsters will not enter
- you can destroy stuff and find hidden items and buffs
- you can turn off hunter dialog during a hunt
- features fast-gathering and auto-combine
- radial menus return
- you can swap out Palico/Palamute in the camp, access item box, and change your weapon and gear, as well as eat
- an Action Slider lets you issue commands to your Palamute
- you can also use a shortcut menu to issue quick commands and mount
- the Palamute will never die, but if it gets too injured, it will run for a bit and recuperate before returning to battl
- the Wirebug lets you stick to walls and scale them
- Wirebugs require a timed recharge and you can only use two at once
- through a sidequest, you can increase the amount of wirebugs from two to three
- you can use wirebugs to make massive jumps and increase the range of your exploration
- every weapon has its own unique attack combinations and mobility moves in conjunction with the Wirebug

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


I've been playing generations HD non stop since they announced this. I'm a huge fan, been playing since freedom on the psp and then I went back and bought 1 (and imported 2 and a Japanese ps2 to play it) I was slightly disappointed in world, but I loved some of the changes. This seems to be a happy middle ground.


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