Nintendo reminds Switch owners to charge their Switch after extended periods of disuse

Charge it up!

Here's a little tidbit from Nintendo that most of you likely know, but it never hurts to remind people.

Nintendo wants to make sure your Switch battery is in tip-top shape no matter how often you use your Switch. If for some reason you haven't played Switch in awhile, Nintendo says you should charge it up to retain the battery's health. In particular, Nintendo says the Switch should be fully charged at least once every sixth months to ensure that you're battery doesn't become unable to hold a charge.

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Tue Sep 29 20 05:33pm
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Is it okay to leave it in my dock, charging

Yeah mine basically sits in the dock all day when I’m not using it...
Haven’t seen any degradation in battery life yet.

I was only reading the instruction manual of a Power Bank this evening and it recommended something similar. Normally I don’t read instructions, I don’t know, maybe I was bored.

If for some reason you haven't played Switch in awhile

In our case the reason is this: We hunted down a limited edition AC console, transferred the data to the new one, only to learn that AC cannot be transferred. So we’re stuck with 2 consoles now, one with an account and all, the other with no account and just Animal Crossing.

Stopped playing AC a while ago, so it’s now sitting unused. Gonna charge now, thanks for the hint.

When you don't use the Switch for a while, battery will be removed only ever slightly.

And as soon as the battery is charged like..idk, 500-1000 times? Then the battery life will be reduced by 50%. So Even if you charge it, the lifespan of the battery will eventually wear out.


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