Nintendo dominates Sept. 2020 in the UK - Switch #1 hardware, Super Mario 3D All-Stars #1 software

Nintendo breaks through in Playstation territory

GfK Entertainment has released the September 2020 sales data for the UK, and Nintendo came out a big winner. You can see the complete breakdown of sales info below, along with the top 20 titles of the month.

- over 1.07 million physical games were sold in September 2020
- the top game of the month was Super Mario 3D All-Stars
- Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the 2nd fastest-selling Mario platform release in series' history, just behind Super Mario Odyssey
- 32.3% of all physical games sold in the UK during September were Nintendo-published titles
- 41.7% of all physical games sold in the UK during September were for the Switch
- Switch was the best-selling console, moving 146,000 units
- Switch sales are up 90% compared with the same period in 2019

Top 20 software sales for September 2020

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That's a lot of Nintendo titles right there! Doesn't seem that long ago that Nintendo would almost be an afterthought on a list like this!

I'm loving Mario 3d allstars. I'm one on that number 😁
Tally ho😂

How is Mario Kart 8 still charting after 7 years?!?! Please stop buying it so I can get MK9 already!!!

It's the moebius strip. People can't resist it.

It's kind of amazing, how a (IMO) very expensive collection can sell quite well. I suppose value is subjective thing. Or, or, other companies do devalue their games perhaps a bit too much.

Perhaps I feel a bit bitter, because I don't have a want for 2/3 games I already own and would have liked to have an extra wrinkle. Like how the Metroid Prime Trilogy, also combined all the extras and added an alternate way to play those games.

I dont think its too surprising. Nintendo games retaining their value is the main reason I find the price to be perfectly fine. Sunshine alone will run you basically the same price for a used copy. And there are so many new Switch owners this year due to Animal Crossing, and if they are looking for a second (or third, etc) game, this is an extremely safe choice, especially when fueled by nostalgia.

Sunshine alone will run you basically the same price for a used copy.

That game alone is like 100$ now on Ebay. What are you saying?

Sure if you glance at ebay you can pretend that, but you can literally sort by items sold and by how much, and it trends around $35-60.

The only reason its selling less at second hand now is because 3D All stars is out. Once that becomes scalpers market, then so will the original versions.

Gamecube games are generally expensive at the second-hand market.

If you can show me some actual proof of Sunshine consistently selling at $100, then I'll concede, but you've done nothing but give me unhelpful, unsourced rhetoric.

Thu Oct 01 20 11:46am
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I understand. I'm not complaining about price, but of the desire to buy. This is clearly a game that will appeal more to people who want to have it on the Switch and younger players who missed these games when they came out. As a whole in that sense it is valued appropiately, 2 of those games are ones of the highest rated games of all time.

I didnt think you were complaining at all~ Thats just Mario for you. Get that hype and nostalgia going, and it will blow up hahaha

I think the fact it’s limited both physically and digital is also a big factor, I know I wouldn’t have bought it so soon if I didn’t fear not being able to get a copy without paying through the nose for one later.

Not sure if it was really worth it now though since for me the only game worth playing through again is Galaxy. Galaxy still holds up brilliantly, Mario 64 has so many camera issues that I can’t be bothered fighting with in 2020 and Sunshine just plain sucks. I loved it as a kid and thought the hate it gets was just down to it being so different to 64 but...no. Great graphics and setting, great music and Mario controls really well but that’s where my praise for that game ends. After 30-40 or so Shines I gave up at the Chuckster level. Absolutely not worth my time; wish I’d kept my memory of that game intact and not gone back to it. It’s so chock full of BS moments and just honestly terrible design that I’m surprised Nintendo ever put it out in the first place. The fact they were happy to re-release it in basically its original form with absolutely no tweaks or fixes outside of widescreen is even more frustrating. Disappointing collection really, but at least Galaxy HD is a thing.

I said this once and I said it again. No one can ever mess up with the Super Mario.


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