Pikmin Short Movies HD & 3D being removed from the Wii U/3DS eShops on October 8th, will instead be uploaded to Nintendo's YouTube channel

Goodbye Wii U and 3DS, hello YouTube!

Nintendo has announced that Pikmin Short Movies HD and Pikmin Short Movies 3D, a collection of 3 short films based on the Pikmin series that was released back in 2014, will be removed from the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShops. Currently listed for $4.99, the software will be unavailable starting on October 8th, 2020. Those who have already purchased the title can re-download it at any time and will still have continuous access.

Nintendo will be uploading "Pikmin Short Movies" to their YouTube channel on October 8th for everyone to enjoy for free, so look forward to that if you haven't seen it yet. Obviously the YouTube upload won't be watchable in 3D, so make sure to purchase the 3DS version if you're interested in that aspect of the films.

Thanks to DAMMITLOUIE for the heads-up!

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Fri Oct 02 20 11:34am
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Well I still have it on both consoles. Not planning to remove them anytime soon.

When they didn't add them to Pikmin 3 Dx I worried they'd sell them again. This is a great alternative Smile

My son watched it so many times we have over 40h on Wii U just for these shorts

Noo!!! Once again Nintendo spitting on the faces of their loyal fan base who bought it on the WiiU and 3DS... Now EVERYBODY'S going to have access to it? Unfair!!!

Sarcasm is very hard to read off mere text so...

Were you being sincere?

Fri Oct 02 20 08:23pm
Rating: 1

I wasn't and I think it's really sad that there's enough people who'd actually say something like this to warrant a sarcasm sign...

Sat Oct 03 20 04:43am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I think there are certainly many people who have strong reactions to finding out something they've paid for is now free, and would paint their argument as "I paid x dollars for all those videos and I don't have many dollars. Nintendo should at least offer a refund to those who bought them. Sad"

A real example would be that I remember when Elizabeth Warren was running on "free college" as a platform earlier this year, a man in his 50s was upset that her free college program wouldn't retroactively pay back those who have already been to college and don't have debt. Regardless of one's feelings on "free college" and debt cancelation, it's ludicrous to expect the government to pay back every citizen who has ever been to college... At least in my opinion. 🙄

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