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RUMOR: Is SEGA teasing a reveal for Sonic Adventure 3? (UPDATE)

Third time's a charm?
by rawmeatcowboy
08 October 2020
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SEGA loves to tease Sonic fans when it comes to the reveal of new games, and it certainly seems like they're up to their old tricks once again.

SEGA recently shared the above image on Twitter, and it doesn't seem like much of anything at first. Just a joke about the Fibonacci sequence at first glance, but a second look reveals something more.

If you look closely at Sonic's cheek, you can see a very faint '3' hiding in the image. SEGA has hidden stuff in Sonic imagery before, so this is very much in their wheelhouse. It's also worth noting that the Sonic image itself comes from Sonic Adventure.

Following that, Mike Pollock, the voice actor for Eggman, replied to the tweet with his own reference to the number 3. This could either be Pollock picking up on the fan chatter and just joining for fun, or he could be deliberately getting in on the tease as well.

I think it's quite obvious SEGA is teasing something for Sonic, and with the character's 30th anniversary coming in 2021, it seems like the perfect time to go all-out on a Sonic Adventure 3. Sonic fans have been waiting patiently since April to see what SEGA is working on for the Blue Blur. If that wait leads to Sonic Adventure 3, I have a feeling most fans will feel their patience paid off!

UPDATE - Some new evidence has surfaced, and it could either point to this being a mistake, or even more legitimate. As you can see in the image above, the Fibonacci sequence image that SEGA used can be found on Shutterstock. This is indeed the same image, but as you might notice, there are numbers and letters throughout. The number 3 appears in exactly the same spot it does in the Sonic image. The question is, did SEGA remove all the other letters/numbers and somehow accidentally leave the 3 behind, or did they purposefully remove all the numbers/letters EXCEPT 3?

Thanks to MegaJacobF for the heads up!