Othercide updated to Version

Includes a new 'Dream Mode' and more

Othercide has been updated to Version Check out what's included in this update via the patch notes below.

New Features

Dream Mode: The completely optional Easy mode is called “Dream Mode”, in opposition to “Nightmare Mode” for the original experience. It adds new elements aimed towards providing a more forgiving experience for inexperienced players, while keeping the overall game feel lethal and impactful. Here are more details:

Resurrection Token: Players are granted 1 additional Resurrection Token at the start of every run which should help new players resurrect their lost daughter (and best daughter, starting with the 2nd run). It comes in addition to the Rescue mission drop-rate fix, which should also provide more frequent opportunities to win Resurrection Tokens on both modes.

HP Regeneration: Injured Daughters recover 50% of their total HP each day. It allows players to take 1-2 hits per daughter in a mission in the early game, and recover most of the HP for the next one. It also allows players who want to use HP-consuming skills (Interruptions, Reactions) to use them more often, as you recover an amount of HP worth 5 Interruptions / 10 Reactions per day.

Sacrifice: While its early-game use is diminished by the above, Sacrifice remains available as a secondary way to recover HP if your favorite daughter takes a bad hit right before a Boss fight for instance. Its cost is also reduced thanks to the additional Resurrection Token, and fully recovers a Daughter’s HP, as opposed to the 50% heal of moving to the next day. It remains key to the mid- to late-game power scaling thanks to the Souls Traits mechanic.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue related to the skill Dance of the Dead of the Scythedancer in which damage was not increased by 15%
Fixed an issue in which activating more than 1 interruption or reaction skills was adding a new icon on the timeline instead of replacing it
Fixed an issue in which fleeing a mission would result in a run loss instead of being returned to the inner void
Fixed an issue on the final boss map, if a daughter were placed on his spawn tile, he would spawn out of the map
Fixed issues in which the Level-up UI VFX was displayed, even if the daughters were not leveling up
Fixed an issue in which you would not get the remembrances page after winning the game
Fixed an issue in which the start mission initiative stat of a Scythedancer was negative, making her impossible to play on her very first turn
Fixed an issue in which abandoning a boss fight when he spawns would block the game
Fixed an issue in which the button to open the stacker on the timeline was missing
Fixed an issue in-game options, in which the cursor would disappear when put in the top of the list
Fixed an issue in which the final boss was looking too bright in its first form
Fixed an issue in which 2 memories were not unlockable

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