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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and history surrounding The Legend of Zelda games that never saw the light of day, including Wind Waker on GBA, Wind Waker 2, a Majora's Mask styled Twilight Princess sequel, and more.

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Sun Oct 18 20 03:05pm
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I would absolutely be down for a genuine shooter in the Zelda series that had some actual depth. Something in the Heretic/Hexen vein.

It would be a good way to actually get some use out of the Linkle character, too.

A Zelda II remake would be an interesting problem to tackle.

Not the worst Zelda though.

I just imagine a 3D remake of that game being like Dark Souls. The original game's difficulty send you quite often to the start. Also the game's focus on sword combat, experience and magic (several which were buffs). Seems the translation wouldn't be that hard to imagine.

I agree about 3D, but I was imagining 2D. 😄 Something like Another Zelda 2 Remake.

I don't know if Nintendo has it in them to make it 2D. If they do I imagine it'll be 2.5D and it would look toy-like I suppose. I can't imagine how they'll translate that sprite. Since it was sorta like the lanky Mario from Mario Maker.

Aonuma said the toy-like appearance of LA was specific to that game, being "dream-like". I'm really hoping that means that that aesthetic is not going to be carried forward into the series.

Who can really tell? The oracle games had very similar sprites.

Yeah, but that original art-style wasn't intended to be unique to that game in the same way.
If Nintendo is still holding to the idea that the Oracle games precede LA, than logically they should visually line up more with LA's animated intro.

Well in the video they said Miyamoto had planned a SNES re-do of Zelda 2, and while I agree that Nintendo wouldn't do it today, I meant a gameplay perspective that it's interesting to think of how they would fix aspects of the game, like its opaque nature, the awkward combat, etc. I don't really care about graphics when I imagine a game, I'm more curious as to how one would make a 2D Zelda 2 remake palatable to a 2020 audience.

I think that if the Zelda 2 formula had been allowed to evolve but aligned closer to the main-line series we would have gotten a game like Shovel Knight back in the 90s. Not in level-select, but definitely in movement and item-use.

As for a modern remake, I'm reminded that Team Cherry bonded over Zelda 2 and would love to see it go the way of a full-blown metroidvania in the style of Hollow Knight. Honestly with the explosion of that genre it is surprising to me how little Nintendo has contributed to it in the last decade.

Miyamoto is starting to royaly PISS ME OFF. Basically anything he did in the last 15 years turned out to be a huge mistake.


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