SHMUP x Battle Royale title "Star99" heads to Switch on Oct. 28th, 2020

Out-shoot the competition!

We've seen some unique takes on the battle royale genre lately, and Star99 is aiming to be the next big thing. This game combines battle royale trappings with SHMUP action. It comes to Switch on Oct. 28th, 2020 for $10, and you can get full details below.

Shoot-'em-up meets battle-royale. Prepare your thumbs for adrenaline mashing madness.

Arcade-style battle-royale shoot 'em up. Perform chain kills on enemies, send special and boss attacks to wreak havoc on your opponents. Compete with up to 99 players, dominating matches until a single winner remains!

* Play in matches of up to 99 players.
* Private online lobbies
* Cross-platform.
* 6 playable characters, all with unique abilities and playstyles.

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