A Short Hike's creator explains his approach to the game's dialog

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A Short Hike is a cozy and inviting experience that you can feel in every aspect of the game. That includes the dialog, which was written with a very specific approach in mind. In a Nintendo Indie World feature, creator Adam Robinson-Yu shared his inspiration for the game's storytelling.

I wanted to write dialogue that was personal and meaningful—or at least funny. So, when I started A Short Hike, I made a few decisions that ended up making the writing a bit easier. I tried to write A Short Hike’s dialogue in the same way I write when I’m sending text messages. I avoided using capitalization and punctuation, and I broke sentences up into little snippets. This is how most of my written communication is these days, so it felt a lot easier to write natural conversations using this style. I also avoided using a silent protagonist, which I’d tried before, but found out that conversations flow much more naturally when two people are talking! When I started working on A Short Hike, I didn’t expect the dialogue to be such an important part it, so I approached things in a very improvisational manner and didn’t toil over it trying to make it perfect. I think this helped me get over my writing blocks.

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