North American eShop releases for the week of Oct. 22nd, 2020

Another deluge of titles

As usual, a big list of games is slated for release on Switch today, and throughout the course of the next week. See what you have to select from below!

The Red Lantern – Survive the Alaskan tundra in this story-driven, rogue-lite survival adventure game as you find your way home with your team of five sled dogs. Manage your resources carefully, brave the cold and stave off the dangers of an ever-changing frozen wilderness.

Supraland – Experience a fresh take on puzzles and exploration in the ultimate “sandbox” adventure. Embark on a valiant quest to save your toy village in this first-person, open-world puzzle-platformer. Battle your way toward an audience with the Blue King.

GONNER2 – Death needs your help! Journey your way through deep, dark and chaotic places with sparks of unimaginable color and crazy bosses, all while trying to literally keep your head. This procedurally generated co-op platformer will keep you on your toes with its intense, platformer-shooter action.

Carto – Separated from her Granny during a storm, young Carto must use her innate cartography powers to map and manipulate the world around her on her quest to be reunited. Featuring lush, hand-drawn visuals across a variety of biomes, Carto is a charming adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-altering puzzle mechanic. Carto will be available on Oct. 27.


Kirby Fighters 2 Demo – Kirby fights to be the last one standing when he takes on the treacherous battle tower in Kirby Fighters 2, and now you can try the game out with a free demo in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. In Kirby Fighters 2, Kirby brings a gauntlet of attacks to each battle, with a selection of 17 of the most iconic copy abilities from throughout the Kirby series, like Sword and Cutter. Kirby Fighters 2 also marks the debut of Kirby’s new Wrestler ability. The demo allows players to try out four play styles and adventure through one chapter of the game. It offers both online and local modes, with the ability to play with others who have purchased the full game. Don’t let Kirby’s cuteness distract you: He packs a lean and mean pink punch that’ll leave you huffing and puffing!

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

A Frog Game
Asterix & Obelix XXL: Romastered
Blackjack Hands
Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues – Available Oct. 27
CrossKrush – Available Oct. 23
Death Race 2020
Double Pug Switch
Dungreed – Available Oct. 27
Farm Mechanic Simulator – Available Oct. 23
Galacide – Available Oct. 23
Gnome More War – Available Oct. 26
Grood – Available Oct. 23
INSTANT Chef Party – Available Oct. 27
Kakurasu World – Available Oct. 23
Lord of the Click – Available Oct. 23
LUNA The Shadow Dust
Maze – Available Oct. 23
My Universe – Fashion Boutique – Available Oct. 27
Oddworld: New ’n’ Tasty – Available Oct. 27
Outbreak: Epidemic
Pumpkin Jack – Available Oct. 23
Race With Ryan Road Trip Deluxe Edition
Restless Hero
Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure
Supermarket Shriek – Available Oct. 23
The Bluecoats North & South – Available Oct. 27
The Coma: Recut
They Bleed Pixels
Torchlight III
Truck Driving Simulator – Available Oct. 23
Truck Mechanic Simulator – Available Oct. 23


Oddworld: New ’n’ Tasty is the notable Switch title this week, for me at least. Though I think I bought it around 4 or 5 years ago on Wii U.

I just had a look, and it's €20 on Wii U, always has been. It's €30 on Switch, though there is a discount if you buy it in the first week. That doesn't seem right or fair. Why is it 50% more expensive on Switch? It's €20 on Steam as well, with keys available from retailers for half that price.

Switch tax?


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