Capcom shows off gorgeous concept art for Monster Hunter Rise’s Tetranadon

Put this stuff in a book, Capcom!

The official Monster Hunter Twitter account continues to show off concept art for various characters and creatures in Monster Hunter Rise, and their most recent focus is Tetranadon. This time around, we get a number of different pieces for the monster, including traditional concept art, along with rough sketches and more. There's some pretty fantastic stuff in here, with each piece giving off a different vibe.


Thu Oct 22 20 05:03pm
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Very nice. That first pic makes me long for the days of underwater MH. He'd fit right in with the Flooded Forest!

That 3rd picture with Tetra and its derpy children speaks to me.

Put this stuff in a book, Capcom!

Give it a couple years. Capcom's usually good about that.

They just localised one with most of the 4th gen monsters and another with all the pre-Iceborne 5th gen ones.


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