The physical version of Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda launches today

Can't beat it!

It's not often that we get a digital-only Zelda game, but that's what Cadence of Hyrule has been...until today! The musical adventure has finally made its way to retail, and it packs in all the extra DLC. Get a recap on that content in the press release below.

A Moblin approaches. You ready your sword.

A Green Lizalfos hops closer from the rear. The Moblin raises its arm to take a swing at you from the front. The thumping soundtrack kicks into overdrive. The bass drops and you spring into action with a glorious Spin Attack. The battle has begun.

The Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch system has a physical edition, which includes the base game along with all three DLC packs, and is now available for purchase at select retailers for a suggested price of $39.99.

Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda is a rhythmic action-adventure from Nintendo and Brace Yourself Games. Charge through heroic Hyrule battles featuring characters from the Legend of Zelda series while attacking enemies to the beat of classic songs inspired by the games. The physical edition includes the base game along with all three DLC packs, which expand on the game’s content, characters and songs:

· Pack #1 – This Character Pack DLC adds five additional characters to the game’s cast, such as Shadow Link and Shadow Zelda, as well as extra modes, including the All Character Mode with a 21-floor dungeon.

· Pack #2 – The Melody Pack DLC adds 39 remixes from three different artists, so you can choose to play through the rhythmic adventure to the beat of your own drum.

· Pack # 3 – The Symphony of the Mask DLC introduces an additional map and story featuring the mischief maker Skull Kid, well-known for his puckish tricks in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Mix up Skull Kid’s abilities by swapping out different masks and uncover the mysteries that await Skull Kid in these strange lands.

With all this included content, there’s enough rhythmic action to keep you and the cast of Hyrule grooving through many grand adventures. This physical version is a great gift for the Legend of Zelda fans in your life, too!


I really really want it, but it's going for $80 in Brazil Sad

Is that 80 US dollars?

Yes, unfortunately Sad
We don't have official games for the Switch in Brazil, so we pay premium while living on a bad economy

That's crazy! So u must spend a small fortune just to be able to play games.

Yeah. To buy Nintendo first party games I have to be really strategic about it, because they don't drop in price. So I usually manage 2 games per year.

Wow! That's tough. Do you ever import games? Would u have to pay import taxes?

Importing by myself would be even worse. Because there was a time (not even sure if it ever ended) when there was a lot of theft of parcels at customs, the prices of shipping increased (insurance and such). On top of that the import taxes are preposterous and can vary between 30 and 65%.

For PlayStation it's a smaller problem because they sell games officially and their prices drop (and PS+ is much cheaper in Brazil). But being a Nintendo fan here is pretty tough. So, for instance, I'll be playing Pikmin 3, but the Wii U version. I'll be playing Skyward Sword, but the Wii version on Wii U. That kind of thing.

Next year BotW2 is a sure bet. But the second game, if I can afford it, I have no idea. So far it seems to be New Pokémon Snap. But we don't know what else is in store Smile

Damn! That's really rough. Thought maybe importing would be a cheaper option but if things go missing and import tax is so high, then I guess it's not much of an option. But I take it you can redeem foreign Nintendo eshop codes right? So for instance, you could redeem a code for a digital copy of botw2 meant for the United States?

Technically I could. But I'd have to use a credit card to acquire them and pay the taxes on the international purchase on top of a non-flattering dollar Sad
It ends up being about $72 for the digital version or $80 for the physical. So the physical still has an edge on being able to resell it and not taking up digital storage.

We do have an eShop, but it's a joke, unfortunately. You see, I can pay for my physical $80 in 6 instalments without extras fees, but the eShop doesn't allow that, so I'd have to pay it all upfront.

I waited on the DLC until I could order this, can't wait to hear the alternate soundtracks.


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